Sleep main point is that sleep will improve

Sleep is one of the most important necessities for a human body to function properly in the organs. It has a very important role to make a human fit or strength in both physical and mental. Sleep is not only benefiting from maintaining our physical and mental also to prevent serious diseases like heart attacks. You will have a healthful lifestyle. So there are many reasons for different causes of sleep. First of all, sleep is one of the essential factors in preventing the development of mental health problems such as depression and feelings. Poor sleep linked to high risks of death like suicide.

According to Stanford University School of Medicine “Older adults suffering from sleep disturbances are more likely to die by suicide than well-rested adults.” This evidence shows that how sleep is very important; so that adult at least needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep. This also can benefit in preventing high blood pressure also for mental health problems as depression is linked with lack of sleep and have chances to get sleeping disorders. These reasons show that sleep is important.

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 Secondly, there are many physiological benefits when individuals have sufficient sleep. The first benefit is it prevents a risk of heart disease and diabetes. Short sleepers have greater chance to get heart diseases. To prevent this to happen we need to sleep 7 to 8 hours.  Another main benefit is helping to prevent gaining weight.

Lack of sleep makes a feel that you gain weight by varying stages of hormones that you would control your hunger and leads to overweight and obesity. My third main point is that sleep will improve your immune functions. Evan a small loss of sleep will slower that functions f the immune systems. Lastly, there are many benefits that sufficient sleep can to make you active and smart. Sleep is important for good brain functions like improve your concentration skills and makes your mind to do creative jobs.

Concentration is very important for you because lack of sleep may fall into mistakes such as air traffic accidents, and road accidents. Good sleep has been shown that improve problem-solving skills and to lift up your memory performances. Secondly, fewer sleep durations have also been linked with less exercise and make you lazy to be athletic. According to health line fact “A study of over 2.

800 women found that poor sleep was linked to slower walking” So this fact shows that sleep is very important. Thirdly sleep makes you become more creative. Creativity comes if you feel fresh and relief from stress. You will need a proper sleep for having a relaxed feeling. Once your mind and body are hassle-free healthier thoughts will come into your minds. These reasons show that sleep is very important.

 Overall there are many reasons the sleep is very important because it very benefits for your body like avoiding to get heart diseases also relief from stressful minds, gives you fresh feeling making you active and smart and concentration.


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