Smallpox smallpox in the United States. The U.S.

Smallpox is a virus that is very contagious and often deadly.

Smallpox is a disease that is caused by the Variola virus, that is why smallpox is also known as Variola. Smallpox is very rare and requires medical attention. SymptomsWhen having Smallpox, you look and feel healthy and also can’t infect others.

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The symptoms of Smallpox is fever, discomfort, headache, back pain and possibly vomiting. After having red bumps on your body, those bumps then turn into blisters filled with clear liquid. After then having liquid it turns into pus and then the blister turns into scabs. TreatmentThere is no cure for Smallpox but fluids and medicines for the symptoms can be a big help. Most people that get Smallpox recover, but a lot of people also die. The people who survive Smallpox will have scars from the blisters that turn into scabs.

HistoryThe last case of smallpox was last seen in Somalia in 1977. There was zero cases of smallpox in the United States. The U.S. stopped doing vaccination in 1972 because people started to get sick from it and they thought it would actually give them smallpox. The man who founded the vaccination for smallpox is Edward Jenner and he found it in 1796. Death RateIn the 20th century, 300 million people died from having smallpox. Over 80% of children got infected with smallpox and most died.

Fifteen cases of smallpox was reported in the 1950’s. If you get infected there is a 30% chance of you living. The people who survive could go blind from having smallpox for so long. If you have smallpox than your respiratory system would start to shut down and they you wouldn’t be able to breath.

It takes someone that has smallpox 7-17 days to die. How It SpreadsSmallpox spreads by unclean needles, coughs or sneezes, handshakes or hugs and kissing or sharing drinks. There is no evidence of smallpox still around to this day but there is still smallpox in science labs.Smallpox is a very easy disease to spread from one another.

If someone touches the infected then they would most likely get smallpox. You wouldn’t know if that person you touched had smallpox because it doesn’t show up right away. Insects and animals are not able to spread smallpox, only humans are able to get it and spread it. Different TypesSmallpox is a very weak virus, it is hard to transmit.

There are three types of smallpox, ordinary, modified and Flat Hemorrhagic. The most severe case is the Flat Hemorrhagic because it is very rare and is very fatal. If anyone had the Flat Hemorrhagic then they did not survive. The ordinary case of smallpox is the most common and there was 90% of these cases. The modified is very mild most of these are from people getting the vaccination. What Causes SmallpoxSmallpox is caused by a family of viruses called Variola. Variola is a large virus and the DNA is Doubled.

The virus can be found in the skin, kidneys, spleen, liver and other organs of the infected. There are two types of Variola, there are the Variola Major and Variola Minor. Variola Major is most likely to cause a disease than the Variola Minor. New Treatment TodayThere is still a vaccination today to prevent getting Smallpox. That doesn’t mean that you won’t get it, it just means that the chances of you getting it is slim. It takes 4-7 days for the new vaccination to work in the human body.

The vaccination could also give you smallpox. Not every treatment works with Smallpox. It is so powerful that it could go through the vaccine.

Is it Eradicated Smallpox was one of the most feared disease that existed for about 3,000 years. It was eradicated by a global vaccination led by the World Health Organization. Smallpox is the only disease to have ever been eradicated. The only place smallpox is know to be is in labs where scientist are studying how to make a better vaccine just in case it does ever come back and whip millions of people out. Recovery TImeIt takes 7-17 days to notice you even have smallpox. It takes 12-14 days for someone to die from smallpox. At this time the infected feel nothing and they also don’t notice anything different about themself.

A lot of people that got smallpox didn’t get to recover, they mostly all died from this horrible disease. How Long Has It ExistedSmallpox has been around since the 3rd century BC. It was found in egyptian mummies underground. Europe was the next country to get infected. It then killed 400,000 people per year in Europe. Three hundred – 500 deaths had been reported in the 20th century. Back then 15 million cases of smallpox occur a year.


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