Smog the world. This situation can give

Smog is one of the types in air pollution. This term used for the first time in the early 1900s to derive a phenomenon between ‘smoke’ and ‘fog’. When we want to describe some of the type of fog which has smoke or soot in the air, we also used smog to describe this situation. This phenomenon can be identify when a yellowish or blackish fog occurred by a mixture between the pollutants in the atmosphere which contains fine particles and ground level of ozone. The main reason why smog happened is air pollution, also can be described as a mixture of many types of gases mix with dust and vapor.

When we speak about the hazy air that can makes us breathing difficult, it also refers to smog. Smog always found at the industrial areas and remains a familiar view in cities nowadays. Smog usually came from the burning coal that gives a big source of air pollutant.

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Smog will become worst in the morning. This is because movement in the air less than the normal movement. Nowadays, there are many cases of smog been record at all around the world. This situation can give a negative impact toward the industry and people at around the area. One of the situations we can take a look at Mexico. Long time ago at early 1900s, Mexico is one the city was popular with the cleanest air in the world. Unfortunately, today Mexico is one of the smoggiest cities in the world. In 1952, the smog during that time is the worst had been record.

The coal pollution covered the city of London, England. Based on the result, more than 4,000 people died because of respiratory aliments. During this situations, the have to close all the roads, railways and airport in order they face the smog very thick than usual. This phenomenon is very important to study and take serious about this situation because it involve for our next generation and our nature. If we do not take action what happened today, maybe it will give harm to us and our world. From this, we can know most of the causes and how can we prevent this phenomenon from become more often worst. This case study can be used as reference to this situation.

This had been choose because many of the people did not notice that our air do not clean anymore like the old days. So, this topic can open our eyes again about our situation right now and automatically we can gain a new knowledge from this.


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