Smoking painful. It also increases their risk

Smoking takes many people’s lives away from them without them knowing what can happen to them. It causes many diseases, it has effects on friends, family and loved ones, and it also has many different effects on you. Smoking is a bad choice that many people choose to start. To start off, smoking causes many different diseases. For starters smoking can cause cancer.

This shows that smoking causes a disease that accounts to a disease that cause growth in the abnormal cells in your body. While smoking you have a 2 times risk of rheumatoid arthritis. In other words smoking increases risks of a disease that causes you to have pain in your joints.

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Also when you smoke you have a higher risk of diabetes. This proves that smoking increases the risk of a disease that can affect any part of the body’s blood vessels. Smoking can also cause a lot of other diseases but these are just some of the few that smoking can lead to. Another reason smoking is bad is because it affects others around you too.

To start off, the HAP of Michigan, a health insurance says that “Smoking kills 50,000 nonsmokers a year.” This proves that smoking kills not only the people who smoke, but the others around them who don’t smoke. Which is also known as secondhand smoke. Also, if you smoke around kids it also increases their chance of hard breathing which as a kid is something they are not really used to. To add on smoking can make kids lives painful. It also increases their risk of ear infections.

Because of this they can cause damage to the middle ear permanently. Smoking around others doesn’t always mean that they’re gonna die or that they’re gonna have one of these above happen to them. It just means that they aren’t gonna have the lives they would have if no one would smoke around them. Finally smoking has many different effects on your body.

One of those is that it increases your death chance. In other words it can cause you to have a chance of dying sooner than you want to. It also hurts almost every single origin in the body like the brain the heart and the liver. This shows that your heart can get weaker. Smoking has many other effects on your body both the inside and the outside.

These are just some of the few. Some people who smoke may say that it lowers their body weight so they won’t be overweight. Although this is true, the only reason for this is because you become less hungry and you don’t crave as much as you normally would. This then causes you to become skinner and start to lose weight. In other words smoking lowers your weight because it makes you less hungry. This goes to show that someone will eat more if they don’t smoke then if they do. To conclude, you should quit smoking. It causes many diseases, it has effects on those around you, and it also has many different effects on you.

Don’t risk your life to something like this. Please quit smoking and don’t start again. It may be hard to stop but I know you can stop. Many others have and so can you.


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