So, in the story, Thomas biggest problem

So, for my second Quarter book, I read a story about a maze and a group of characters. In the story, there is the main character named Thomas and when you’re first introduced to him he is waking up in some part of a cell. He has no memory of what has happened and he is starting to feel worried. He can’t remember his family or friends, all he can remember is his name.

Later we find out that he is in a camp called the Glade. In the camp, there are kids his age and they called themselves the Gladers. Now in this place, they are all trapped and there is a door to a maze that closes every evening. The maze moves part like it’s wall just like a labyrinth, and also there is a job that gets assigned to the kids and Thomas wants to be a runner.

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A runner is someone who goes into the maze every day and then draws a map to solve the maze and get out. Now one of the boys are named Alby and he is the leader and with Newt being second in command, then there is Chuck who is Thomas’s friend now. There is also Minho who is the leader of the runners and finally, there is Gally he is the rival of the main character Thomas. Later a girl shows up named Teresa, and later Thomas finds out that he can share a telepathically link for some reason. Now in the story, Thomas biggest problem is trying to escape from the maze and with the help of his new friends, he tries to.

There are these things called the Grievers and they patrolled the maze at night and they had poisonous claws and also very sharp claws. These cause him problems in the story and his friends. One day the maze doors stay open and also Thomas finds a door that the Grievers use to go in and to go out. So, the advice I would give to Thomas is to be calm and don’t get furnished. More importantly, don’t leave the group, and also work together with your friends and figure this stuff out.

They need to look for clues and find a way out of the Glades. So, Thomas being trained as a runner and with everyone other special skills they can really have a chance to escape. So now Thomas was looking for a way to get out and he is doing this because doesn’t want to be in the maze forever. Thomas is very smart and is already finds things that most people might not see. So, when he finds a way out of a Griever hole and then comes up with a plan to escape. Now after he remembers words that he got for the maps. Thomas and his friends decide to fight their way to the Grievers.

Then after Thomas enters secret words into a computer, the Grievers start to shut down. At this moment Thomas can be feeling happy because he did something that helped the team. He is also scared but he tries to hide it, and with that Thomas and his friends can now escape from the maze. The person who tells the story is from Thomas’s point of view and this is the best way to tell this story. Because the book is all about him and his friend trying to escape from the maze. Then after that, they have to figure out what to do with the experiments that are done on kids at WICKED.

Now Thomas point of view is very important because in the beginning of the book it starts with him in a cage. Then, you can go into Thomas’s mind and know what he is thinking. No one else can tell this story then him and with him, as the main character, he is the best choice. So, in the Maze Runner Book 1, there are a lot of context clues and these words or words can really bring a story to life. Like in Chapter 32 on page 201 they use the word “cranny” and which means a small or narrow opening in a wall or rock. Now in Chapter 33 on page 210, they also use a word like “sheen” and this means something that is bright or luster.

Finally, in Chapter 33 on page 214, they say “catastrophe” and this word means a disaster that just happened suddenly. With all these context clues the authors give us, we can picture the story better in our head. The author is very gifted and knows the right way to tell a story, by the way, he is so good that he makes 4 more books in this series.


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