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“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created, male and, female he created them” (Genesis 1:27). The Catholic Church has for a long time held this view regarding abortion because human life is and and should be considered sacred from the beginning.  This is because for a human to come into being or existence, God’s creative action must be involved, to expand further the catholic church has always condemned abortion as one of the grave evils of life. From “The Gospel Of Life” they have maintained that the bible will forbid abortion, just as it has always forbidden murder. As christian writer Tertullian pointed out that the law of moses has ordered strict consequences for causing an abortion.

We read that “if man who are fighting and harm a pregnant women and she ends up giving birth prematurely, but there ends not to be any injury the offender must find whatever the woman’s husband has to demand and what the court allows. But if there happens to be a serious injury, you are to take life for a life, eye for an eye” etc. Catholics believe that knowingly, and deliberately committing murder has never been justifiable no matter how good the intention and no matter the noble cause.

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This has most definitely become a moral absolute for Catholics, and can not be altered or diluted. The church believes that if even one circumstance, that somebody is allowed to willingly commit evil so that good will come out of it, then pandora’s box is opened to anyone to claim that he was merely doing a so called necessary evil for the greater good in the longer run. So therefore the Church has taught that one innocent life can’t be taken even if it were to save hundreds or millions.

The Catholic church very much so condemns all direct abortions. Even the pregnancies that result from rape, incest and that present a danger to the life of the mother isn’t reason that cause abortion. The Church has for centuries that human life is created by the moment of conception.The Catholic Church has seen abortion as the termination of the unborn, therefore it is always wrong, sinful and wrong. Furthermore though the Church calls us to respect and care for the many women who have had abortions. Because our society often does not support families, and especially single mothers, many of these women do not feel they have any other choice.

Many women may feel tremendous shame, and guilt following abortion, all of which makes it worse. If only they need to hide their emotions. Abortion theft I believe of an innocent life going into contradiction of the Primary precepts. Abortion definitely undermines these Primary precepts which connects to the reason that it encourages the society to reproduce and grow better. This method is strong as it is flexible, the mother can reach a pronouncement by herself if not she is  to decide it with her partner, she becomes independent.

But it also takes into the account of the father’s approach, and other family members. This looks at the family state the newborn would be born into. Nevertheless, you also don’t know what the outcome could be of  the situation will be.

A woman has to choose to have an abortion. at the end of the day, because say she has too much children, and distinguishes it would affect them. After partaking an abortion she may become slowly despondent and will be in no better state to look after them, after that tough decision. Although Women may feel Abortion is the right way to go it still is murder and even how sick that may sound the government has yet to change that law.

Because I believe that it is a living being  just as if it were grown the fact that you are about to get  murdered that human that has know say it is no different than when that human is unborn no matter if it is 28 weeks, or whatever they give the procedure for abortions, murder is wrong. The killing of an innocent being is very much wrong, even if the human has not been born yet. Christians have been in the forefront of opposition to induced abortions. The Catholic Church and conservative Protestant groups, such as Operation Rescue, have opposed abortion and have campaigned legally and politically to outlaw the practice. The heart of their objection to abortion is their belief that at the moment of conception God provides an immoral soul to each fertilized human egg, thereby entitling it to full moral protection. Given this belief, every preborn individual, even at the undifferentiated fertilized egg stage, has the same right to life as any adult human; consequently, any abortion is murder. I believe there needs to be set in place a somewhat social and political initiatives capable of guaranteeing conditions of true freedom of choice in matters of parenthood in other words, the church calls us to shape our society in a way that makes it easier for families to choose life for their children abortion needs to be changed not only because they reinforce the social structures that discriminate against women and children by providing a convenient alternative to dealing with real issues for example, many states limit the number of children in a given family that can receive welfare.

Rather than deal with the issue of poverty, these encourage poor women to have abortions, women also refer to changing sexual behaviour. Obviously, fewer women had unintended pregnancies. According to 2006 National Vital Statistics Report, the birth rate among teens fell to 40.4 births per 1,000 women aged 15-19, the lowest number in 65 years. Surveys have shown that majority of teens are interested in learning how to avoid sexual activity. An increasing trend in the number of teenagers who choose to abstain from sexual activity has helped reduce the teen pregnancy rate. When it comes to ending abortion, public attention is often focused on passing laws to restrict it.

The harm that abortion causes makes such efforts necessary. But the consistent life ethic suggests that in order to end abortion. We must work to change not only our laws but our whole society, it is not enough to remove unjust laws.

The underlying causes of attacks on life have to be eliminated, especially by ensuring proper support for families and motherhood. A family policy must be the basis and driving force of all social policies, for this reason. Some women are loss and anger with the situation and struggle they are faced with having a child. The percentage of women that gave a reason of why they chose to have an abortion, “Having a baby would interfere with work education, or ability to care for dependents”, is 74%,  “Cannot afford a child right now”, is 73%, “Having relationship problems or does not want to be a single mother”, is 48%, “Has completed childbearing”, is 40%, “Is not ready to have a child’, is 33%, “Has experienced rape or incest”, is 1%. These percentages add to more than 100 percent, because some women had offered multiple reasons. Eternal life for humans, in heaven or hell, is part of conservative Christians tradition this doctrine appears in christianity’s three ancient and still widely accepted creeds, the Apostles Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Athanasian Creed.

According to this tradition and the creeds, God provides happiness in heaven for the saved, the suffering in hell for the damned. For most conservative Christians, the most important goal of earthly life is to earn eternal salvation and to avoid eternal damnation. Different Christian views about how God meets our salvation or damnation need not concern us here.

What does concern us is that however, is the fate of aborted humans. If they are not saved, then this fact seems to undermine God’s goodness


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