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Social and health care study deals with so many title or issues what is consisting of confidentiality, food and hygiene, health and safety, personal care, legislations relating to health care, and so on. According to my assignment under the title of empowerment in health and social care in where I will try to show my ability and understanding of this assignment requirement. In general point of view, I just say about empowerment which is a very impressive concept to us and the entire health professional.

So from basic sense, it can be defined as choices and preferences are prioritised because of the satisfaction of client and similarly it help to boost the worker confidence level whenever this power of preferences are used in successful way that means work independently and another way of thinking is that client preferences and choices are prioritise according to their demand of care services.Task 1In order to provide best care service to service user, we as a care professional are working hard to carry out our task according to current guidelines, legislations which is very helpful to protect the whole care unit in both sides. Firstly, I can draw somewhat about the obstacles which are properly, guided by the legislations, laws, guidelines for the benefit of health care client and working professional. Let’s have a look at some of the legislation in below:? Suppose if we take the ACT of health and safety at work 1974, this law cover the most beneficial things for worker and its shareholder. It can be applied in the entire areas of working in care homes, hospital, General Physician Surgery, restaurant, etc.

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so basically this law protect the client health and safety as well as care staff safety too in health care homes.? Manual handling operations act 1992 is another government legislation which is required to follow in the home care and health practicing sites. This is about to use the different tools, equipment s for caring client or patients while we provide them health caring. It may include hoisting a individual in care premises. First of all, the carer must need to know the use of it. If he or she doesn’t have any idea of using this, they must to gain this skill through training or appropriate induction by the senior staff of the caring site. We can also see some other tools are used in relation to health care such as sling, sticks, urine bag, eating or feeding pipe, etc. are need to operate under this law of application.

? Health act 1999 is reflecting power of care provider but it also simplify the service according to current legislation in where this law covers the group of service provider which is pooling the funds for the health charges. ? Equality act 2010 is also ensuring the client as treating all is same.? Data protection act 1998 or GDPR 2018 is having the same motto as well as other legislation does in care field.

? Mental capacity act 2005 is another major legislation what can be very meaningful for client who cannot make any decision on their own. So this law are helping to overlook the client right for getting the right services when they require.? Care Act 2014 is all about to meet the social conditions under working circumstances but still professional need t support the fulfilment of the Act promises’.? Legislation about medication which called Medication administering act 1988 is helpful for providing drug uses in care homes and client home. Moreover this is the guidelines for carer who gives medicine to client from blister pack. Same rules applies to pharmacist, doctor, nurse, etc who are directly involved in caring sector.The above mentioned laws are empowering us and even health care client at point of order.

So it easy to say that acts are formulating to the people in empowerment condition and health based client are also prioritise their choices as well.How they are considered to be empowers. These conditions are discussed below:- Consider of permission to empower is depends on how relationship is between care professional and health care patient.

Without showing respect to client views, beliefs system, traditional values, wishes, etc is cared for to furnish their choices. As we know that condition about caring the client is no assumption acceptable. So according to equality Act we the carer are in point of main order of service providing to our client on multi-diversified way of respecting to client as equal right of faith, practicing religion, etc.So this way all legislations and laws are helping the client and care work professional in positive way to provide the best service as possible.Communication trend of health care service: which is aiming to reach our target through a designed model of channel, and which can achieve of practising our skills and professionalism values. It is happening now and then around us that communication is a way of contact with so many compositions of signs, gestures, expression, etc.

Let say we send text through phone, email, or using modern device help, we use email. Some of us we use post office services to send letter, mobile apps like messenger, what’s app, face-time. Etc. some time it is happening in formal way and sometime it is happen in informal way and so on. Basically it is a way of contact to get our wishes is done. Little bit more about communication, we can see there are lot of options are picked up by the care provider in terms of caring services is given to client for well-being and health improvement.

Now days we can also see the massive use of interpreter service in this sector, especially in NHS, Court, police department, immigration department. Therefore communication is taken into account for the health care services now with a view to better understanding of the patients need and thereby we provide the health service to recover any bad health situation by applying the communication model. From this statement of communication trend can show us it s effectiveness of caring individual health in better way.

So for this purpose, we can find the care organisation have the designated communication channel which are dealing with customers/client satisfaction by taking their feedback as it is defined some specific people are working to follow up client complain. Looking at one stage of performances that we all are agree a proper communication can help the both side to get clear understanding of service, comfortable of care given to health client as it is done by participative discussion.In what ways make the client more dependent, now I will focus on how an individual may become dependent, non-participation and social exclusion in different situation. An example from my care work experience, I would say one of my clients Mr EDIE is suffering from mental disorder who have no hearing capability which is defined as a hearing impairment according medical viewpoint and this man is staying at home with family and wife, but he has no capacity to move or do anything himself without a carer as his condition makes him to stay this situation although he have wishes and desires when he was in good condition. From considering his unable condition, the support worker is mainly responsible to serve him basic daily needs due to his illness or mental situation. Let say he has another situation of cold affected disease like cough, flues, and fever, so on and some other health difficulties. How he can be recover from that sickness by applying existing medical practice as he cannot say nothing what is going to take for his health improvement from cold, flue or fever. And this kind of situation take us to think about his alienation from the main stream life, loss of independence, non-participation and any kind of social activity just because of his mental situation.

After all this category of individuals, need lots of caring support to provide them daily care and support to carry on their live as usual by any means.As soon as we look at this situation of mental health disorder of my client needs to be care for promoting and maximising rights of my service user and various factors can be consider for the specific health condition. From this example the individual who needs to get full caring service according to current policy and legislation that we need to show our best caring values what cover the basic human needs as a human being by following application may includes in below points-a. Effectiveness of promoting the right of service user has to be on unique basis.b. Recognising preferences of service taker according to caring professional practice which mean professionalism in respect of all class, gender, race, colour and religion, class, etc.c.

The care provider must include the service users’ preferences including those who may lack of capacity to make decisions under health condition guidance.d. Going through further training opportunity, it would be very helpful to meet the situation properly in case of new inventing, advancement and development. Finally, I can say that the care provider must work hard to satisfy the service user wises, preferences and it has been revealed that human right act provides with the power to the service users to gain the best health care services and it is needed to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment provided at the health and social care organization to establish proper communication channel with the service users so that they may feel comfortable as well as we need to look at the up-gradation about our skills, knowledge and further training to sharp ourselves as confident care, support worker under any kind of unfavourable situation.


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