Social massive damage to our environment. This can

Social media are very popular to the teenager like us , it allow us to connect and to communicate with each other through social media sites. But guys, it has a potential to create a massive damage to our environment. This can lead mental illness , addiction also a cyber-bullying. Some parent state that is children are old enough to have a phone or a social media account , they have a big responsibility to use internet. However , young people tend to overshare some private information and personal picture.

Imagine that your photo ,address phone number where leaked , in the worst part you can`t do anything to stop it. Therefore I will believe that by educating the young ones and bringing aware of these. We can reduce these case of illegal sharing of information and our privacy. Social media is addictive for us , we must aware the addictive nature of it , because today we had our own greed. Instead of doing that , everyone of us must be responsible .Guess that if our children and teens like us have a knowledge of consequences of social media , everyone will be safer while using social network. As you can see today, the number of social media users increases. Social media is a helpful tool for us especially in our daily life.

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It can be used to make or break a business. It can also make or break a person. The truth is, the moral problems about freedom and expression in real life, can now be applied to the virtual world. Whether we like it or not, or even agree with it, it’s liberal enough to be good for people to express themselves and find themselves.


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