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Social media is also old as human existence can be traced. Social media are platforms through which social aspects of human lives interact. In the last decade of 19thcentury, technological advancement leads to the introduction of telegraph and telephone that greatly changed how people communicated over long distances. It should be realized that the description of social media as online platform took root with the invention of computers in the late 20th century. When computers and other modern communication gadgets such as smartphones and iPhone were invented, sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Baidu Tieba and WhatsApp among others come up. These sites are what is today referred to as social media. Therefore, this paper seeks to find the impacts of social media in the society today.
Social media has been the latest technological trend that has swept across the world like a cyclone wind. The old and the young are all snared in this social euphoria. Dignitaries and the middle class are both subscribers to these social wind either willingly or due to prevailing conditions. Therefore, it must be noted that the social media platforms either affect lives positively or negatively.
The positive aspects of these media platforms are tremendous and conspicuous in the daily societal interactions. Social media are dialogic in their mode of operation unlike the traditional modes such as telegraph that was only one transmitter one receiver kind of application. This attribute has led to use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for online marketing by business entities. A business in Oklahoma is able to get willing and able buyers in Gujrat. Moreover, the dialogic aspect enables the political parties and individuals who are aspiring for various political seats to use these platforms to reach voters and other stakeholders fast and cheaply. Social media has also enabled easy social networking, which leads to exchange for critical ideas that are necessary for both an individual’s growth and community development. The social media such as WhatsApp and Facebook incorporated Messenger has allowed for privacy in social interaction. Social media is also an esteem-boosting platform through comments and likes that one receives in sites such as Instagram and Facebook posts.
In contrast, social media has demerits too. Cyberbullying is usually experiencing in the social media such as Facebook. A study in the USA showed a number of Facebook users admitted that they have indeed experienced this act. Moreover, trolling and harassment is also being experienced in the social media platforms. In addition, it should be noted that social media just like other media of communication such as television and newspapers can ruin the reputation of an individual or an institution. Moreover, internet fraud is usually experienced in the social media platforms from individuals who are out to take advantage of any little opportunity. Social media seems to uphold the social notions about gender. Men in Instagram and WhatsApp tend to make a post that portrays that masculine is strong while female counterparts conform to tradition that they are normally weak. Social platforms also tend to affect the culture and beliefs of people through interaction with people from different regions whose culture are total unlike. From these interactions, it has been witnessed that individuals especially the youths get radicalized and may embrace crime.
In summary, it must be acknowledged that social media has great advantages that when fully exploited can lead to personality change both socially and economically. Networking leads to economic progress through online marketing and exchange of business ideas. Moreover, use of social media leads to exposure to current affairs. However, care should be taken in the use of social media as it might have a negative impact on the individual such as lack of proper sleep. Moreover, low self-esteem can be realized especially when one’s post seems not to attract more audience. To conclude social media has more advantages than the demerits that come with it.


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