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Social media was designed for communicating with your loved ones, this platform made it easier for the families living in different countries to communicate with them and keep an update of what is happening in their lives but it has gone to another level. Youngsters and other people have started misusing it, they have started interacting with strangers and rather than using it for communication purposes it is more of a platform for showing off now. When someone buys new shoes or clothes they display it on social media sites. They upload the status of the new phone they just bought and with whom they are hanging out. Regardless of the fact, the audience is interested in seeing that or not they upload it and try to make their friends feel envious.

  Girls interacting with strangers online share their information without even knowing if the other person is trustworthy or not. Social media interactions are more transparent than people think, nothing is hidden and people who don’t even know us have an access to our information.  People should be educated about sharing their information on social media because everyone they talk to is not trustworthy and there is also an evil eye if you can afford to buy a phone maybe your friend is not able to afford it. These things should be kept into consideration while using social media.Read more on –

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