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Social responsibility is an important aspect in the development of a firm or company. How a company relates to the society matter a lot as far as its success is concerned. It can be defined as the efforts or strategies that enable companies to take responsibility for their operations’ effects on environment and the overall well-being of a society. It therefore goes without saying that a firm should always endeavor to develop and update policies to measure their social performance. Corporate social responsibility calls for firms to stipulate their roles in the community and adhere to the set ethics, social and legal threshold. Firms have the capacity of building or improving a society as they have the necessary drivers.

In other words, firms for instance create employment and infrastructure development which combined is a recipe for a better society. Usually companies with the best corporate social responsibility reputations are good performers in terms of business. So, there is that important link between social responsibility and being profitable. A balance between the two leads to overall growth of a firm and a better society. In the modern-day society, it is characterized by what a firm’s interest to the society is based on. This responsibility indicates that a firm does not necessarily need to be kept on its toes to take care of matters affecting its employees together with their families. Ideally, a company should have an intuitive incentive of growing together with its staffs.

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It is after the employee’s welfare has been considered that now the society come in. this is so because the employees will often tend to replicate the company’s culture during their interactions with customers. Being socially responsible involves activities that are aimed at improving the living standards of a community. A company should, therefore, involve the local communities or even partner with them all with an aim of giving back to the society.Annual reports by various reputation institutes usually provide ranking which helps to know which firms have good corporate social responsibility programs.

The ranks vary periodically. This is to mean that the position that a company may hold will vary according to the companies’ performance. The ranking will also depend on the ranking criteria used how inclusive it is. Contribution to society is the main criteria used to rank firms to determine which one will be honored for having the best corporate social responsibility program.

Creativity in the approach of giving back to the society is also considered. For this paper, Google has been chosen. Over the years it has been ranked among the best companies that have excellent corporate social responsibility programs. (Westermann-Behaylo ; Fort, T. et al 2015) Surveys are usually conducted globally with an aim to establish people’s perception of firms in three key areas namely; citizenship, governance and finally workplace conditions. To start with, the aspect of citizenship is very vital. There is need to establish whether the company in question is a good corporate citizen. Compliance to government regulations is considered here since the government is believed to act in the best interest of its citizens.

If for instance a company is compliant with the set rules of the land the community will develop extensively. Paying the right amount of taxes will goes a long way in ensuring that the government collects enough revenue for its projects which are targeted to benefit the society. For a firm to be having a good CSR program it has also to be determined how and which humanitarian or charitable causes that it supports. These events are a culmination of creation of a better society. Environment has also to be considered in determining whether an organization qualifies to have an excellent CSR.Normally a firm is expected to occupy space for it to run its operations. For some they even have manufacturing plants to ensure production.

This directly affects the surroundings of an area. Therefore, in order for firms to be eligible for such honor they have to proof that they are dedicated to environmental conservation activities. In conserving the environment, it shows that the companies will also have an incentive of helping the society which is neighboring. Governance is also an important criterion in determining the effectiveness of a CSR.

A company has to prove that its administration is qualified and is aimed at personal development. Ethical behavior by the company management is not negotiable as it will determine whether the company operates within the legal confines or not. When the management practices good ethical practices the other staffs are likely to follow suit, and this will result in an organization of good ethical standing.

Corruption should clearly be kept a bay since it will lead to a bad reputation. Court cases on the same will lead to a tainted public image which is hard to restore. The final aspect is the conditions in the place of work.

It should be noted that employees are the energy behind the growth of any business entity. It is point blank that employees should work under good environment and their welfare should be approached with the seriousness it deserves. It is in the light of the above criterion that Google was selected. Google is said to be among firms with the most successful corporate social responsibility programs globally. As a matter of fact, Google remains peerless as far as CSR program is concerned.

Rep Trak among other ranking companies has ranked Google highly. It commands a great deal of social acceptance globally. In terms of workplace culture, governance and community influence Google has not found a match up to date to the exemplary strides it has made in those areas. Google’s corporate social responsibility is centered on its core values that provide the daily motivation to achieve their goals. As part of their ethical framework, they have realized that trust is paramount in in realizing their mission which is to empower people and each organization that they work with to always do better. Making ethical choices is therefore a must in order to sustain such kind of reputation.

Integrity is always at the heart of any dealings that Google engages with its stakeholders. The stakeholders could range from the customers, shareholders, partners and competitors. It strives to maintain high levels of integrity in its daily operations with them. The Google team is always dedicated to ensuring participation of the above groups in an engaging manner before decision making. At Google integrity and openness is maintained at each level of operation. Right from their engagements with customers to the decisions made by top management. Promises made to the customers in the form of warranties are promptly followed and this leads to customer satisfaction with their products and services. Passion for customers, partners and technology are non-negotiable for every employee in Google.

Since its mission is centered on the virtue of making the world a better place using technology this value is quite crucial in achieving this. The employees must exhibit some sort of calling when interacting with clients. Technology is another aspect which the employees must be at least obsessed with in order to deliver effectively. This is because the firm aims to basically enhance living via the use of technology. Respect and dedication to better others is also a core value of the company. This enables the firm to continue maintaining the trust and business prowess that they command.

The culture of respect in Google is well propagated right from the founders to the person serving tea at the offices. The employees in the company have a unique touch with customers of trying to encourage them to become the best version of themselves. This makes the customers feel appreciated and part of the family and gives them a source of reliance not only on business issues but for moral support.

Also, Google has been known to take on big tasks and see them through completion this has helped them expand new market territories despite the odds not always being in their favor. This has helped the company get through hard economic times and still emerge as victors. There is also the value of self-commitment and excellence as each day everyone in the firm is dedicated to becoming better. This usually has a ripple effect as the employees gradually better everyone that they have contact with.

Accountability to agreements made with stakeholders is also important at Google. This leads to a culture of trust due to the responsible nature of the company. The company is also accountable to results that it promises to deliver, and their quality is guaranteed.

This eventually leads to long-term business contracts that help the firm in maintaining a global lead. The values are usually adhered to strictly in a collaborative manner. They are known by heart by every employee and thus following them is not difficult. Discipline is also inculcated in the organization in order to make following of such values possible. Right from the hiring of staff, their values are emphasized at every point of the company’s operation. There also exists an officer who is in charge of compliance.

This is a very important office which pressurizes every department to conduct their duties in line with the stipulated codes. Also, the officer is mandated to oversee the organization’s compliance with government set rules. Therefore, the officer advises the company on what is required of such accompany by the law. This helps eliminate confrontations with authorities thus leaving more time for delivering on the set targets. It also raises the confidence of both the employees and the public that the firm is operating within the boundaries of the law. In terms of reporting any breaches of the code of ethics, the company has a very responsive channel of communication. This is made possible through their conduct line which is easily accessible. In the code, the partners are obliged to enhance social responsibility to the public.

In this, it can be seen that the culture spreads as it is regardless of jurisdiction restrictions. The corporate culture of Google also entertains rewarding of excellence. This usually works well with motivating employees and working for it is almost a dream come true for many. This creates a good public image and many people are proud of being associated with the brand. Leaders in the local communities are usually mandated in ensuring growth and development of a community. Therefore, they should take the chances provided by such a company to propel their work. They should always strive to connect with the decision makers of such accompany to derive apparent benefits that come with that. They should also influence the members of a community into supporting such a brand.

This can go well into ensuring that the company’s gratitude is reciprocated. It is this kind of motivation that allows a company to support a society fully due to the commitment that the community itself shows. By the company improving, the society also benefits as the amounts of donations also increase with relative proportions. The above-highlighted activities have concentrated on showing how the community is benefiting from Google’s social responsibility program. Looking at the issue from another angle it can be deciphered that the firm also generates some advantages from such an excellent corporate social responsibility program. First, when consumers usually find it delightful to associate themselves with companies that are involved in charitable activities.

This is a plus for Google concerning sales numbers. This has over the years helped its global share in the market. There is that kind of trust that results from actively engaging with the public in their affairs as a company. They usually feel appreciated and that in most instances foster good public image. What a corporation stands for matters than what they produce. People’s motivation to purchase, be employees or even invest in hugely depends on the companies’ social involvement.

Suggestions for what Google Could do Evidently, Google has done quite a lot for the society. This has mainly been driven by the corporate values that drive the company. It has tried to remain true to the ideas that led to its establishment which was to use technology to better lives.

The efforts to achieve this can be termed as collaborative from every level of operation. However, there are still notable avenues that the firm might find worth of exploiting when it comes to corporate social responsibility. The design framework of an effective CSR should be strongly anchored on the company’s core values. This way implementation will be relatively easier. The company should engage its employees on a regular basis to capitalize on the importance of offering good services to the customer.

This will, in turn, lead to a culture which will be easy to tag along. The process of achieving this should start by documenting the core values for reference. This way in case of any issues coming up the documents can be used to help make decisions on contentious issues.

Another design feature that is missing is the issue on communication strategies. For a better CSR Google should lay out clearly guidelines on communicating information within and outside the company. Over the years change has proved to be constant. People or companies that are satisfied by the status quo usually land into problems.

New techniques of doing things and performing operations are developed on a daily basis. It is therefore prudent to be aware of any changes. More importantly driving the change or being an influential part in change is important. For instance, most companies still use the traditional top-down predict-and-control approach. A company like Google should embrace and drive change.

It should advocate for holacracy which advocates for delegation of duties. In so doing every employee feels equally appreciated and as a part of the organization. This often leads to quality performance as the employees try to do their best to proof their worth. In the long run this leads to the building of a formidable team that makes great strides as far as social responsibility is concerned. Normally one would consider being weird a bad thing it is not. For employees, the feeling that they can be themselves is important. Avoiding dull moments at work can play a great step in the success of an organization. The fun enables interactions between the employees themselves and between them and the employers or the senior management.

This will gradually lead to a friendly environment and employees will often realize their full potential. It is often from those weird thoughts that creativity manifests as things are usually considered weird since they are unique or out of the ordinary. This will help Google achieve its goals which incorporate social responsibility. Google should also consider getting closer to the people.

By this, it is meant that they should first identify the people they wish to help then make strategies and plans for expanding to those places. It may even require them to open branches in other countries. This will help them in efficiently connecting to the people who desperately need their help. Google should also consider diversifying its donations. This means that it should not restrict itself to offering aid to sectors regarding software only but also others which may be of more use to people living in poverty-stricken areas. For improvement purposes, Google should also consider participating in the events they sponsor more actively. Take for instance they might decide to sponsor a marathon in an Olympics competition. Having some employees attend the event would deliver the message home that the company is an organization of the people.

Identifying with the company would now be easier since the public does not feel left out. Google should also engage the public extensively in the social media networks this will help the company identify the changing needs of the society. This can even lead to the company changing its donation structure. The company should also engage people in surveys of what they are doing and the impact that they are experiencing on the ground. This could help the company improve their services to the people also this understanding will help even in their business. Understanding what is expected of the company is not enough to build an exceptional team. Google’s staffs should have in their mind from the beginning that they have to be the best in their work. Right from the interviews during hiring the company’s core values should be reiterated.

It is in the employees of Google that a culture must be built, a culture of success. In its organization, Google should be structured in a way that a visitor cannot differentiate between a junior and a senior manager. This brings out the sense of belonging and motivation to achieve. It will also lead to a better public image than the current one that is enjoyed. This also raises the workers’ self-esteem thus making them surpass their expectations of ensuring social responsibility. Google should also consider venturing into education sponsorships. This way, they will have educated a generation which can help alleviate a society from poverty.

This will be a form of shared social responsibility as the recipients of the aid have to participate actively. The long-term effects will be improved societies since education is known to be an equalizer. On the part of the company’s mission, this step is perfectly in line with the set goals of social responsibility to be achieved. Due to the global presence that Google commands, it would be prudent to participate in cultural events of different cultures. This will help capture a lot of people all over the world. This appreciation of diversity will help Google identify other needs that the society might be having.

Therefore, in providing social aid, they would be more relevant to the situations in the ground. They can also use such information to devise their products to be of better use. Also, Google should consider engaging in buy-one donate- one methodology. It has been proven to work with other top-notch companies and may probably work for Google. Perhaps this will encourage consumers who have the will of positively contributing to the society but have no ability a chance. It will also aid in managing the accounts of the company since business and charity will have been clearly differentiated.


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