social to new situations, such as starting

social The social side of building a relationship depends how the young person adapts to new situations, such as starting a new school, new environment around them.

You may get a young person who is quite timid, and quiet and may take time to adapt to a new environment. You may find this difficult to build a relationship as they are not open to communicating. You should always try to get any young person involved with any activity as much as you can as this will help gain there trust. I am also aware that within my job role and social role this can open me up to parents approaching me to ask questions, but more importantly I am very aware of the confidentiality policy within any school and what to do in these cases when they occur.ProfessionalThe professional side of building relationships would be a big impact on how the young person responds to a new environment, when a child joins a new school the first thing that will happen is some for of communication. This may be a smile, a wave or a friendly ‘hello’.

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With this first dash of communication, we are then beginning to build our relationship. Being welcoming and willing to allow children to speak their opinions and value what they say this will encourage children to gain the respect/trust for a adult.


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