Social supportive counseling, and case management. Social workers

Social workers are present in public health, acute, and chronic care settings providing a range of services including health education, crisis intervention, supportive counseling, and case management. Social workers help people solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives. Clinical social workers also diagnose and treat mental, behavioral, and emotional issues. There are many roles that comes with begin a social worker. An advocate, broker, coordinator, consultant, counselor, planner, problem solver, and record keeper are just to name a few.

Advocate is a case manager speaking on behalf of clients when they are unable to do so, or when they speak but no one listens to them because of the condition. A broker is there to help link the client with needed services to help outcome whatever is going on in his or her life. A coordinator works with other professionals and agency staff to ensure that services are mixed to dispatch services.

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A consultant helps to identify the problem, study it, and make recommendations. A counselor is help maintains a primary relationship with the client and his or her family. A planner preparing for the service or treatment that the client is to receive. A problem solver make client self-supporting by helping them determine their strengths, find alternatives, to their current situation, and learn to solve their own problems.

A record keeper- maintains detailed information related to all contracts and services.


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