Socialisation children. They may begin to show

Socialisation within both the family unit and society in general, is one of the most important parts of development. Family and friends play an important part in socialisation, and this process may differ from family to family and in different societies.0-1 YearsA new born baby becomes very attached to a primary carer, which is usually the mother. Crying will be their only real way to communicate hunger or distress. They are egocentric and will consider others in relation to satisfying their own needs. They will begin to smile in response to others, for example, family members, and even friendly strangers.

They begin to show an interest in other babies and become more interested in social interaction. This may depend on the child’s own personality, and the amount of time spent with other children. They may begin to show signs of separation anxiety from a main carer, as well as anxiety in the presence of strangers. Toward the end of this stage, they will be more demanding and assertive, and have clear likes and dislikes.

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