Socially, most of my classes in high school.

Socially, I want to meet new people. I’m eager to meet other students and learn something unique about them such as – where they come from, what life is like in their community, or why they too choose to study at NIU. I think it’s interesting to get to know people who grew up in an entirely different background than me. I also would like to remind myself that it’s important to surround myself with positive people that will encourage and help keep a healthy friendship.

It’s best that I avoid those individuals who have bad intentions since it could lead to negative consequences. A few places I could meet this goal is by going to sports events or just working out at the recreational center. Those are some good locations to interact with peoples and just have a good time. Another advantage being close to home has given me is having a few friends on campus that I’m familiar with, as that will help make the transition to college a bit more comfortable knowing I not completely alone. While I’m looking forward to having fun socializing with others, I know at the same time that it’s just as essential to pass all my classes. When it comes to academics, I know I’ll be challenged a bunch especially in CSCI 240 and MATH 206.

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I see the content and workload will be much more robust than most of my classes in high school. Despite this fact, I feel confident in taking on this challenge and plan to push myself to the fullest of my potential in achieving excellence. My goal is to get a 4.

0 in all semesters for the next four years. While it may seem outlandish, I always want to set the bar high for myself, because it usually brings the best out of me. This will require me to train myself from the beginning, to put the time and energy into finding solutions to your challenges, not in complaining. If I ever do get in behind in my work, I will not to be afraid to ask for help when needed, so I plan on using all my resources whenever I’m in need of some assistance. Entering NIU, I knew it would be a time for self-discovery and a chance to experience different trials and tribulations. My first impression here at NIU has been well so far. I have noticed a few differences that I realized are distinct in high school. Some of those things include the size of the classes, the responsibilities put on you, and more freedoms such as leaving class or campus without a hall pass required.

A good thing for me is I was able to take some dual credit classes in my senior year for English 103, Math 155, and Composition 100. Taking these courses has given me some idea about what to expect regarding how they are set up and scheduled for the week.


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