Sociologists require programs amelioration. The causes are

Sociologists have been posed that social problems create disharmony and maladjustment but still the problems exist. According to Medical on medical terminology (2012), social problems is a situation affecting a significant number of people, that are believe to be sources of difficulty or threaten the stability of the community and that require programs amelioration. The causes are feeble mindedness of the individual and weak social institutions. The effect is the weak future generation.

Feeble mindedness of the individual is one of the causes for social problem among teenagers as these people just thinking about fun and happiness for themselves and rarely thinks about their future. Feeble minded is a mental deficiency encompassed all degrees of educational and social deficiency. People who suffer from this disorder is commonly cannot think thoroughly of what they decided and done. They will just follow their instinct and did not care of the consequences they will be facing afterwards. They cannot make up their mind or making right decisions.

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Together with it, the weak social institutions also caused the social problems among teenagers. The teenagers are ignores by the society as the society did not play their part correctly to help the teenagers who involve in social problems. Abang (2017), mentioned that society chooses to close their eyes and let them aggravate without reining in any negative influences detrimental to our younger generation. Ignorant society such as neighbours and teachers increase their potential to become worse. For that, family involvement is very important.In spite of that, the effect of these problems explained by Umar (2011), is the weak future generation. When the peace and calm situation is affected, the teenagers temp to escape from conflicts by taking drugs and alcohols, in fact some of them willing to join gangsterisme. From the addiction, they might feel depress because of the pressure around them.

This can happen because the lack of awareness among society. They have a tendency to run away from home, and may end up involve in other crime. At this age of their life, they need enough attention for their healthy mental development.

Weak future generation is affected by weak social institutions and feeble mindedness of individuals. Teenagers are the next generation that supposed to be the leaders of the country in the future, therefore social problem among them should be treated as they have affected not only to individuals but also the nation and country. Education is the most important medium to prevent our young generations from being manipulated by the tough situation. They should be properly educated so they will not involve in social problems to guarantee a bright future. Parents should enlarge their knowledge and skills on how to teach their children.


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