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Sofiia Mokrytska PME 152; spring 2018; Section FInstructor: Bethany Richards Summary and Response February 28, 2018 “My Summary and Response to the article Shyness: Evolutionary Tactic?” In the article called “Shyness: Evolutionary Tactic?”(June 25, 2011) the author Susan Cain briefly describes what is introversion, (the difference between shy person and introvert); “sitters and “rovers” in animal’s world, and the preferences of being introverts. In our modern world shyness is usually misunderstood by many people. These people usually feel fear of negative judgments from society; whereas as introverts just prefer very quiet and silent environments. The “introverts” can also be found in the animal world. According to the article, 15 percent to 20 percent of a lot of species are “slow-to-warm-up”, known as “sitters”.

In comparing to “rovers”, other 80 percent, who are confident and more determined. The same researched also showed that they use absolutely different survival techniques, which helps them to live out. People can be divided into two groups, called introverts like “slow-to-warm-up” and extraverts, “sitters”. The author tells us about advantages of introversion. Introverts people usually more creative and smarter, as they use to work and focus their attention in solitary, comfortable atmosphere.

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The research made by Eric Rolfhus and Philip Ackerman showed that in 19 subjects from 20, introverts are more aware then extraverts. Susan Cain believes that introverts are more unlikely to be hospitalized or change spouse, rather than extraverts, as they think carefully before making any decisions. They are more likely to comprehend and listen to other people’s ideas and thoughts, which is very important skill, especially in a business or a group work.

According to the author, we can define introverts and extraverts from a really young age; how do they play with kids and act in the playground. Introverts less often break the rules then extraverts, even if they sure that nothing bad will happened. According to all these states, which were mentioned above, I formed my personal view on this topic. From my perspective, I agree with Susan Cain’s article, and I can say that introverts and shyness It is not the same thing; moreover, introverts usually more smart and creative then extraverts, according to the researches.


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