Some say in what plan of action

Some external professionals that may enter a school setting are:Speech and language therapist,(SaLT) which are there to offer guidance to students who may struggle with their own independent talking or if they are from a different part of the world and know nothing of the native language of the school they have been taken into. Not only do Speech and language therapists offer help to the students, but also to the teachers and how they can make their lesson more adaptable for the struggling students.

Education Welfare Officer (EWO) works on the students’ attendance and allows the parents to take part in improving their wellbeing of their child’s education as they have a say in what plan of action takes place once the child is found. The EWO may also work alongside a truancy patrol which is formed by pairs of police officers and patrol EWO’s who would plan routes around areas within towns and any students caught truanting can legally be returned back to the school premises.Education psychologist are employed by the school to not only support the child but to asses why a student may have challenging or troubled behaviour and whether there’s a underlying issue personally or if there is a mental health problem that no-one has picked up on.

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Connexions advisers are a national service based within local schooling communities for the students aged 13-19 where they may be thinking of employment however due to recent updates the service has become a lot more in-depth and personal allowing the young adults to receive mentoring. Not only does it help with employment issues, but also advice and counselling with what to do after education and for those challenging behaviour few they provide a drop in centre in many towns when they feel that life is too much.


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