Some actions their taking to help themselves and

Some outside organisations could include people from Connections/Share/Chestnut which are a team of people who work with troubled and struggling children and young people and families.

They offer support in career choices, family support or getting back into education, and on many occasions they often go into schools to discuss issues that would definitely relate to many students which encourage students to speak out more or at least let them know that there is a safe place to go to if they’re in need of help. Another organisation would be the NSPCC and working with students that are facing child abuse and issues at home. They’re also there to allow the students to know that there are people around that will listen and that whether it’s a phone call or a drop in centre they are always put first. There are also groups that go into secondary schools to perform short plays to discuss things like peer pressure, sex, alcohol and drugs, and by doing these plays where the actors are showing the children that they’re their age it allows the students to understand that there are rights and wrongs are the consequences of doing them could be dire.

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Its outside organisations like these that have an impact on the students therefore have an impact on the schools. If the students know that there are people outside of school, because not every child feels they can disclose to a teacher, they may feel supported and confident in the actions their taking to help themselves and through this they are bettering themselves which improves their mentality, improves their well-being and this outcome can improve their school work.


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