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Some say that our body is our own journal, and our tattoos are our story. They are much more than just ink on skin; they are a part of who we are, who we were, and even who we can be. Quite simply, tattoos are of significant importance because they are a part of our identity and our story as human beings. Many people around the world today use the body to write their stories in ink.

Their tattoos represent a way of self-expression, of passion, and most importantly, of art. Tattoos have been around for a really long time, and they have been used for many reasons in art and self-expression as well as in things like tribe leadership and religious significance. In the present time, a lot of people correctly view it as an art of self-expression and beauty, but this reality is challenged and damaged by certain negative stereotypes and harmful misconceptions. In a time when art is widely admired by the majority of the public, people are starting to view tattoos as art, and they should rightfully be praised as part of the arts. Currently, art is being admired by the greater part of the community. For example, new research by Americans for the Arts suggests that art is becoming more and more well-liked by the public eye. This increase in popularity offered a more welcoming opportunity for unconventional artistic expressions to be considered as art.

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As a consequence, many people are currently viewing tattoos as part of the arts. For example, the website reveals that more than seventy-five of its users on a certain poll consider tattoos as beneficial while being a valid artistic form of self-expression. Another poll published on the website informs that seventy-three of its participants consider tattoos as a definite part of the arts. In addition, Emily Randall explains in an article published in The New York Times how tattoos are transitioning into the world of fine art.

Furthermore, on the website, Emily McCrary shares her opinion on how tattoos should and are in fact art. This opinion can be supported by a story covered by the BBC in which Fiona Macdonald beautifully portrays the beauty of body arts in the span of one hundred and fifty years. Thus, it is obvious that tattoos deserve to be regarded as art in a world where art is vastly appreciated.

As with most groups of people in the world, tattooed individuals from multiple backgrounds face certain unfair stereotypes which not only lack evidence, but are actually far from the truth. Almost eighty percent of the participants on a “” poll agree that tattoos are negatively viewed in the United States of America. That opinion is even more verified according to an article published by W.G.

Jennings in the Journal of Criminal Justice. In it, the author states that not only are tattoos negatively viewed, but they are strongly linked to crime, defiance and rebellion, personality disorders, and things of that sort. Additionally, in an Honors’ thesis at the Indiana State University titled “Tattoos: the road to acceptance in western society”, Savannah Ramion presents a detailed and accurate exploration of the situation of most tattooed people, the unfair misconceptions around them as well as the difficult problems that they face. In it, she clearly states that “it is still believed that tattooed people are risk takers, promiscuous, heavy drinkers, and partake in the use of illegal drugs”.

Also, she mentions how studies have proved that tattooed people and non-tattooed people are not much different. Furthermore, she discusses the actual reality of tattooed people which centers on the fact that they are just as functional citizens as un-tattooed people. In brief, though stereotypes towards tattooed people do exist, they are not backed up by proof, and they cover the fact that people with tattoos and people without tattoos do not differ greatly.On another important note, tattoos do in fact have some side effects on the health of the person, but they are both almost completely harmless and totally preventable with proper caution. accurately and efficiently describes the side effects of tattoos.

Though they may range from allergic reactions and skin infections to MRI complications, the side effects are very mild and do not present in any way whatsoever severe danger to the health of the individual. Additionally, these limited side effects are preventable through certain precautions such as having the tattoo artist wear gloves and use proper equipment, sterilizing non disposable equipment, and taking good care of the tattoo.To put it in simple terms, tattoos are an art form that gives value to the lives of those who enjoy it. Their popularity is increasing, and the bad image that society gives to it is slowly going away.

Though many unfair and illogical stereotypes exist towards tattoos, the reality of the situation is very much different. However, society is becoming more acceptant towards tattoos with time. Nowadays, people are opening up to it and letting go of the idea that it is bad. Tattoos, like a lot of other things, faces and has always faced controversies, but it slowly becomes tolerated and accepted like most new trends. To conclude, tattoos are becoming more and more viewed as an art and accepted by people. In future times, it will be really interesting to see how tattoos will find their way into the lives of more and more people as they positively shape society and the world we live in as a true art form.


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