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Something that we commonly disregard are the ways in which uniforms positively impact our lives, and as they cramp our individual freedoms of choice and self-expression we tend to have an exaggerated hatred for them while we attend school, however, uniforms are not as bad as they seem at the start. Uniforms benefit our school life by making a safer place, contribute to a better learning experience and a less stressful day to day.
Uniforms are a great way of creating a safe environment for schools, as uniforms create visual connections between members of an organization the school personnel and other school students will have an easier time identifying who belongs and who doesn’t belong to the school. Uniforms have less areas to hide potential weapons in, in contrast to the baggier clothing than some students could choose towear, and as everyone uses the same clothing there are less incentives for clothing related theft to occur.
they’re also huge contributors to our learning experience, as they make us feel at home by creating an area where everyone is unified under the same colors, furthermore, uniforms eliminate visual distraction allowing us to concentrate on what is being taught rather than what appears to be more “interesting” and “colorful” to our young minds. Uniforms may impede us to use our clothing’s as means to express ourselves, but they create an incentive for us to express our personalities through other more productive means, by forcing us to differentiate by Athletism, intelligence, dexterity and charisma.
Uniforms also have a series of beneficial miscellaneous effects such as lowering the cost of the clothes we use in order to attend classes, according to National association of elementary school principals uniform expenses amount to 150$ in average against non-uniformexpenses of 231$ per child, per year. In addition, school uniforms streamlined the preparing for school process by giving us a consistent dressing code and as such allow us to have more time for hygiene and eating related activities, and for last; School uniforms eliminate the streets of having to keep up with the latest fashion fads, and as such reduce the instances of peer pressure or bullying.
If may be true that uniforms restrict some of our freedoms at a stage in life in which we want to prove that we try to discover who we are and prove to everyone that we are in control of ourselves, not all about them is bad, as they give us some benefits that make our school life safer, easier to handle and more focus on the development of our own skills rather than our fashion sense


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