Sony information, Financial data and Miscellaneous Sony BMG

Sony Corporation of America(SCA) is the parent company to Sony Pictures entertainment, Sony BMG, Sony Computer Entertainment.
SCA is the business administration office that oversees the business processes of all its departments, the network at this location should be Business administration network a Local Area Network that connect all computers together and allow them to share resources within a location.
The types of data stored at this office will be personal data of all employees, client’s data and financial data. The employee data will include names, date of birth, social security number and address, while the client data will also include client’s names or company names, social security numbers or tax id numbers, their addresses and contract agreements. The critical data stored on SCA’s system can be classified as Personal identifiable information, Financial data and Miscellaneous
Sony BMG which is a sub division of SCA which is partly owned by BMG does record label which is mainly marketing of music and video recordings, their main operation is to provide services to clients. The type of network at this division will be an Operational and Service Delivery Network. In this type of network there is a customer interface (Webserver) where customers interact with the business. Critical data must be protected from consumer by placing the webserver in a Demilitarize zone. The types of critical data stored at this division will be customers Personal identifiable information, Financial data, Payment card data and Miscellaneous(music). This critical data must be protected from the web facing system (webserver).
SPE produces and distribute motion pictures, their operations also involve client interaction which is similar to that of SONY BMG which put the network in the same category, Operational and Service delivery Network. The critical data at this division will be Credentials, Payment card data and Miscellaneous.
Sony Computer Entertainment develops and market gaming systems their network falls in the Operational and Service delivery network category, Their critical data includes personal Identifiable information, Financial data, payment card data, Credentials and Miscellaneous.


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