Sport which also includes death in some

Sport is an outdoor or indoor game, competition, or activity needing physical efforts and skill which are always carried according to the rules and regulations.

Sports is a physical activity which is governed by rules and also played by individuals who are seeking to perform different games, while other thinks sport as organized exercises or games, through which a person contains physical and mental relaxation with the fitness of body. Sport is a process of gaining enjoyment, happiness, friends, pleasure, fulfilment, health satisfaction, the feeling of victory, illness, injuries, and many more which also includes death in some cases.Role of Women in Sports These days, Women’s sports are found very popular in all varieties of sports. Also, female’s sports have not been considered popular. Female athletes and coaches have made immense changes in the past few years.

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This is the latest phase in this journey which is to help make sure every girl and women has access to the positive power of sports. In the past few decades, sexist attitudes prevented all women and girls from participating in many sport was very usual. The biggest change was made in World War II.

Because, the women found new opportunities to participate in sports, and the women were started stepping ahead into the traditional “men’s roles” on the domestic front. In the modern time, things began to change fast in a good manner. Women started feeling the importance that they can make their own decisions about sports and acquiring the all benefits. Women were among the many groups who started speaking up for their rights. In these major changes, many major intercollegiate athletic organizations alter their regulations to make it possible for them to participate.

Research has shown that the women’s still lags behind men’s. Still the female sports journalist’s face the unfairness in the workplace society. Also, the very amazing performance was done by female athletes in the recent Olympic Games. Many female athletes have gone through the game changing performances in recent years which also turned in the inspiration excel to the girls.


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