Sr. is used. in this form. 4.

Sr. Letter A Letter B No.     1. This form is much used in Pakistan. This form is low used in Pakistan.

2. First line of each paragraph is indented Double spaces between two parts are given while   five to seven spaces. single space is used within the paragraph 3. Only closed form of punctuation is used Closed punctuation is used.   in this form.   4. This letter style is attractive on the page.

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This form is a time saver as no part is indented in     it.         Q2.Define buffer. Different strategies have been given in the table below; yourtask is to pick up the appropriate type of buffer from the provided list andwrite it against each strategy where it best fits in.(Agreement, Fairness, Praise,Cooperation, Appreciation, Good News, Understanding, Resale)        (2+1*8=10Marks) Solution :- ü Buffer :- Buffers are used in formal orbusiness letters to soften negative news with more positive or pleasantcomments. The buffer typically appears as the letter’s opening paragraph butcan be longer if you have more positive points to make .   Sr.

Strategy Buffer Type No.     1. Express sincere thanks on receiving something. Appreciation       2. Convey your willingness to help in any way you Cooperation   realistically can.         3.

Assure the reader that you’ve closely examined and Fairness   carefully considered the problem, or mention an     appropriate action that has already been taken.         4. Start with the part of your message that is favorable Good News       5. Find an attribute or an achievement to compliment. Agreement       6. Favorably discuss the product or company related to the Resale   subject of the letter.         7.

Demonstrate that you understand the reader’s goals and Understanding   needs.         8. Makes a relative statement with which both receiver and Agreement   sender can concur.  


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