s letter to the church


Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth is dated to the times when the church was going through the period of internal struggles and divisions, and when the church was threatened by immoral influences surrounding the community. Corinth was a young town, the church a young church filled by your people. St. Paul delivered a letter of criticism and implored the Corinthians to stop the arguing and embrace what he called the most important virtue, love. The choice of this particular biblical reference can be perceived as Obama’s attempt to spread the notion and ideology of love, and through “loving thy neighbour” the American people can embrace a notion of racial inclusiveness and ideological diversity, necessary in the time of economic and international crises. It must be also mentioned that nearly all American presidents end their speeches with the words “God bless America” or “May God’s grace be with you.” This tradition is considered to be established after Richard Nixon’s Resignation Speech given on August 8, 1974,

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St. do evolve through time as the

St. Thomas More School of Law and BusinessDoctolero Avenue, Magugpo East, Tagum CityPOSITION PAPERTOPIC: Women be blamed of teenage pregnancyCOUNTRY: PhilippinesI. INTRODUCTION The Philippines issue of teen pregnancy is complex. The context and environment make it more complicated. If youth culture has a Facebook account, its profile will most probably have “It’s complicated” as relationship status.

Some easily point a finger to the often demonized culture of young people as the ultimate culprit for the rising incidence of teen pregnancy. That may be correct but it is also a dangerous oversimplification.Sexuality and desire are inherent components of the human psyche. These influence a person’s attitudes and behavior.

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It is also heightened during certain periods of a person’s lifetime. Adolescence is one such period.Behavior and attitude of the youth change not because they are losing what some would loosely refer to as “moral values” but because these do evolve through time as the environment and contexts do.

Their perceptions on issues may vary from that of previous generations. It is therefore important to understand the issue of teen pregnancy in this context, probing shifts and trends in behaviors, attitudes and perceptions of the young.According to the National Youth Study (NYAS) of 2010 by the National Youth Commission (NYC), the young are already exploring romantic relationships at an early age; almost 75% of 15- to 17-year-olds are already looking for romantic partners. Even their perception on early sexual encounter is evolving: 37% of the same age group believes early sexual encounter is acceptable to society.

These perceptions shape their sexual attitudes and behavior, leading to higher incidence of early sexual encounters among the youth and having their sexual debut at a younger age. This explains why 37% of women already had their first sexual encounter by age 19, as reported by the 2008 National Demographic Health Survey. Philippines has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and this figures are increasing steadily. In this very complex scenario of our present society and environment of teenage pregnancy, whom should be blamed the women or men…

in my own opinion women should be blamed because there’s no such pregnancy when theirs is dignity. As a women we must know the limitation of ourselves or to others.


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