Starbucks minimal considering the effort they put in

Starbucks Going Global Fast Name InstitutionIntroductionStarbucks is a coffee shop which has grown from time to time both locally and internationally. It’s one of the largest chains of coffee and it has expanded rapidly.

In 1999 it had already reached out to three continents with around 281 stores abroad. It was founded in 1971 in the United States of America and it operates 23,768 locations worldwide.1. What are the controllable and uncontrollable elements that starbucks has encountered in entering global market. Starbucks is a big company and it faces challenges like any other big institution, but there are controllable and those which are uncontrollable. Controllable factors include product, place, promotion and price.Sratbuck is connected globally therefore, it’s possible to make adjustments in their product in order to fit in with the appropriate users. Marketing of their product enhances level of success in different places around the world with affordable price.

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Uncontrollable elements include competition from other coffee brands and restaurants where they serve both food and coffee. Ability of maintaining high profitability has become a problem more especially to anew located area.2. What are the major risk facing the company. As it expands it faces a huge risk of employees feeling less appreciated and this has led to low turnover rate of employees than any other company.

Their wages are very minimal considering the effort they put in work.3. What are the potential solutions. Increasing of employee wages, for effective performance of the company and caters for their insurance cover. Consequently, that a hike in wage income will go on to help Starbucks, by impacting its competitors diversely.

4. How would you critique Starbucks overall corporate strategy. Starbuck could be criticizing in the aspect of advertizing their product. They do not normally do the advertisement unless they bringing new product to the market.

The company earns a lot of money therefore; they should put more effort in advertizing and keeping the product up to date and not making the target market switch to any upcoming competitors.5. How might Starbucks improve profitability in Japan. Japan is mainly the largest international market, therefore; coffee should be cultivated in Japan for easy accessibility.Starbucks need to be familiar with Japanese culture and structure there store according to the culture. Last but not least, offering new beverages according to Japanese culture. ConclusionStarbucks have social impact in the communities they serve.

The company has no plans in introducing beverages but it has its home product launched in Asia because it has the biggest market. It has done well globally and it is rated one of the best coffee in the world.Reference alghadeer, H. (2013).

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