Stargirl she was singing!” this basically proves

Stargirl Questions and Answers:                                               SukhmanQ: Explain the unusual text feature that is used at the beginning of this novel. Why do you suppose the author included it in this story? A: The unusual text feature is used because the author wants to catch the reader’s attention. He said, “Did you see her?” because this makes the reader want to read further to figure out what the person meant by that. I know this because when I was reading this book, I wanted to keep reading on, because it made me suspicious, and that is what the author wanted. Some more proof is that, the author didn’t say who “her” is, until the end of the page.

Q: Chapter #1 is untitled. What do you think would be an appropriate title for this first chapter? Why? Explain your answerA: I think an appropriate title for chapter 1 would be “Who is She?”. I think this is a appropriate title because it was the first day of everyone seeing Stargirl at their school. In this chapter everyone was figuring out how weird  and different she is from everyone at the school. Another reason is, that as you read on you get to know what other main characters think about her.

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 Furthermore, in this chapter you are introduced to almost all the main characters and you get to know their personalities as well. Q: Based on the limited information about Stargirl in chapter #1, what assumption could you make about her? Provide one detail from the selection to support your assumption. A: Based on information about Stargirl in chapter 1, I would say that Stargirl is really self-confident. I think this because Stargirl wears different clothes from everyone else, and doesn’t care what other people think of her, as you can see on pg.5 the author wrote ” At lunch. She wore an off-white dress so long it covered her shoes.

It had ruffles around the neck and cuffs and looked like it could have been her great-grandmother’s wedding gown.” they basically looked at her differently and that she was not one of them. Another detail is when the author wrote ” The girl was picking up her ukulele. And now she was strumming it. And now she was singing!” this basically proves that she is going to be different and that she doesn’t care about what other people are saying about. Stargirl is very different from everyone else, as we read in chapter 1, but still has self-confident and doesn’t think about people first impression of herself.

Q: According to the selection, what is Hillari Kimble’s explanation for Stargirl’s appearance in school?A:   Hillari Kimble thinks that Stargirl came to this school because she was a scam as she says “She’s not real,” Hillari said. She was sneering. “She’s an actress. It’s a scam.”.

She thinks this because the school spirit was so down last year, that the principle or administration are tricking. She thinks they are doing that so students of  Mica Area High School can join some clubs or go watch the sports games at their school. That is Hillari Kimble’s explanation of Stargirls appearance at this school.Q: The narrator, Leo, says at the end of the chapter… It was during one of these night moon times that it came to me that Hillari Kimble was wrong.

Stargirl was real. What do you think Leo means by this? A:


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