Statement of Purpose Statement of Purpose Amandeep kaur

Statement of PurposeStatement of PurposeAmandeep kaurApplying for diploma in Electronics Engineering Technology-Telecommunication SystemsIntroduction:”Things work better when plugged in”.I, Amandeep kaur, am applying to the Undergraduate program in Electronics Engineering Technology-Telecommunication Systems at your college as I have great interest in technical studies, dealing with circuits and computer applications. Also my sister is in this field, so I get many advantages from her and add some more interest in my mind towards this field. I spend most of my free time on internet in searching new inventions in technology most on various gadgets which comes in market day to day.

I have completed my secondary education from Haryana board in non-medical stream. After that I decided to learn about some computer applications. So, I completed 1 year advance diploma in hardware and networking. Then I got 1 year diploma in other computer applications from National Institute of Skill Development. Afterwards I took admission at CIIS in EETT where I performed well and participated in some activities and got certificates of participation in ELECTROPOWER SHOWCASE and poster making. Career Objective:My academic goal is to graduate in your EETT course as it is the field in which you will develop great DIY or “Do It Yourself” techniques.

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A broader concept is that in this field there are a lot of inventions and projects are pending which we can complete in future. Once, I complete my program, I wish to do my further study having specialization in computer and projects which would help me in my business ahead.Explanation for selected program:There are certain reasons behind the decision of taking this particular program. One of the important reason is that, it is a fascinating field and one which could make me time at uni- challenging, enriching and rewarding experience, also in today’s time every other field is co-related with this field in many ways.It provides global opportunities and electronics engineer are always in demand. One important aspect is that electronics engineers are at the forefront of future technologies such as for a number of industries including transport, healthcare and robotics. Thus by pursuing this study, I can take part in many innovations in coming time.Why Conestoga College?I feel a formal education from your college will equip me with more practical and theoretical knowledge in this area of study.

It will enable me to learn with people from multiple backgrounds, create network in an electronic world, work under pressure, meet deadlines and fill my knowledge gaps. Co-up plan is the good plan which is provided in this college. I find this avenue exciting; it is ever growing and challenging. I am confident that I will be able to meet the standards of college. Post study plan:After completing EETT program from your institution I would like to pursue degree in this line to go more deep in electronic world and will conquer my aim to be as an engineer.Financial status:My parent’s annual income is approximately 550000 from all sources.

I have submitted my tuition fees and GIC which would help me a lot to complete my living expenses there.Conclusion:I believe that this program will allow me to gather complete practical knowledge and develop self techniques which would help me to live my dreams and make them reality. I feel that studying at your reputed college which is specialized engineer college will allow me to gain self confidence, international exposure and it will give me a golden opportunity to interact with the students from all over the world. I am sure that the varied culture in the college where students from across the globe would be present would be an added advantage for me and would definitely grill me to perfection.


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