Statement their employees are highly motivated. Performance

Statement of the ProblemThere appears to be mounting concerns that unacceptably high proportions of teachers working in Ghana are poorly motivated due to combination of low morale and job satisfaction, poor incentives and inadequate controls and other behavioral sanctions. In any strategic study of an organization, work force is agreed to be one of the most important assets of an organization because the employees get every task done or executed. This implies that the success of an organization heavily depends on the performance or output of the employees in the organization. If the workforce is satisfied with their job as well as the organizational environment including its relationship with colleagues, compensation, and leadership they will be more committed to their organization as compared to when they are not satisfied.

All organizations, whether public or private, need motivated employees to be effective and efficient in their functioning, in addition to the other factors. Employees who are motivated to work energetically and creatively toward the accomplishment of organizational goals are one of the most important inputs to organizational success. Consequently, the challenge for organizations is to ensure that their employees are highly motivated. Performance is said to be related with the concepts of motivation, opportunity and ability. Government or public workers especially teachers who are not given non-financial incentives tend to be de-motivated hence the provision of a lousy work. The Government of Ghana has not really carried out satisfactory surveys among the teachers although they are the most important resource in the organization. This is of great concern to a developing country since even in developed countries employees still work for long hours such as between eight hours to twelve hours a day.

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If the country is to develop, the employees in the public sector must be motivated to work for longer hours and prevent the high employee absenteeism, which is a product of de-motivation. According to U.S. department of Labour, 64% of Americans who leave their jobs say they do so because they don’t feel appreciated. (Press, 2010) reports that almost 70% of people in the U.S say they receive no praise or recognition in the work place.

(Mulwa, 2007) says that, although salary and benefits play a role in recruiting and retaining employees, people are looking for opportunities to learn new things/ the challenges for new responsibilities and the prospect of personal and professional growth through training.There is hardly any study regarding to the use of non-financial incentives in the public sector organizations as compared to the private sector. For the past five years, minutes of PTA meetings of Dodowa government school at Dodowa, indicated that, employees of the school do not enjoy non-financial incentives, like recognition, training, good working conditions, just to mention but a few. Surprisingly, no event has been put in place for recognition as well as no avenue for training has been allocated for five years for the teachers in the school. This has killed the morale and making them feel unmotivated as other colleagues in different schools earn better. Hence, this study attempts to examine the relationship between non-financial incentives and its effect on organizational performance as teachers of Dodowa government school do not enjoy non-financial incentives as compared to other schools leading to de-motivation and teachers not putting in their maximum best when executing their task as teachers.


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