Statement me to take computer engineering as my

 Statementof Purpose”BuildPassion for knowledge rather than success”Fromcartwheel to supercomputer the evolution of machines has always fascinated melike nothing else. A machine symbolizes man’s rational thinking. On thataccount a computer is the most ingenious invention of man.

I love to usesophisticated computers and other electronics devices from my school days and Ialso wanted to know how this computer system works. This affection towardstechnology leads me to take computer engineering as my graduate study. Apartfrom that, my 12th grade Computer teacher always inform me aboutboundless possibility of computer applications and encourage me to make mycareer in computer engineering.

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Igot my first personal computer when I was in 9th grade. After that,I was fascinated by its features and start to learn basics of computer.Gradually my curiosity grew towards computer software, specifically inprogramming languages and computer networks. After the completion of my 12th,I got admission in one of the reputed college of my state, Smt. S.R. Patel EngineeringCollege affiliated by Gujarat Technological University.

Duringthe years of my under graduations I’ve come across with many subjects and myarea of interest starts with C language from first semester. I enjoy working onC language since when I have learnt it. In my undergraduate program of computerengineering, I have studied and gain knowledge in depth courses likeProgramming Languages, Web Technology, Microprocessor, Advance ComputingTechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Information Security, Computer Networketc. I am proficient in languages such as JAVA, C, HTML, PHP and packages likeMS Office, databases like MySQL, Oracle and operating systems like UNIX, Linux, Windows and designing languages like UML.

Myfirst opportunity to practically implement what I had learnt came in the lastyear. As a part of my academic requirement, I made windows phone applicationusing ASP.NET and other supporting software. In this project I came to knowabout different tools like Microsoft azure, three tier database managementsystem. I discovered my penchant and ability for programming through thisproject. Since I was the one responsible for the entire project from concept toexecution, it taught me to pay attention to every little detail.

It instilledin me the technical qualities of programming logic, trouble shooting, bugfixing etc. I have enriched myself withknowledge of different subjects during undergraduate study but that was notenough for me so I decided to purse master in computer engineering. This studyprovides me in depth knowledge of various subjects. I have enjoyed my studywith subjects like wireless computer networks, cryptography and networksecurity, advanced computer graphics which I found most interesting. Thisprogram helps me to acquire a higher level of knowledge. The most essentialsskills like leadership and problem solving ability to handle most complexproblems were developed in me during my dissertation work. In this task Iproposed the algorithm” Probabilistic Flooding Algorithm In Mobile Ad-HocNetwork” and implemented on NS2.

5 simulator on topology of various nodes ofnetwork. This is based on the prevention of redundant broadcasts, contentionand collision problem in mobile ad hoc network. I have represented my researchpapers, one is  “probabilistic broadcastflooding to prevent broadcast storm problems in MANET” with professor RavindraPatel and second is , I along with Professor Gaurav Bhardwaj submitted paper on”Defending against Sybil attack in MANET” in the National Conference OfInnovation And Emerging Technologies. So this study transformed me intocomplete professional and exposed me to various horizons of technology.  Inmy college study I have actively participated in extracurricular activitiessuch as various seminars, laboratory work, technical and cultural events. Isecured first place in paper presentation, poster presentation and C-debuggingcompetition in National Level Symposium named Prakrust-11, Prakrust-12. Myparticipation in various competitions nourished myself with different qualitieswhich have significant impact on my future growth.

Aftergraduating with flying colours from university, to broaden my practicalknowledge I joined reputed company named, Purvi softtech as a web developer.This profile helped me to acquire practical knowledge of different softwaredeveloping tools like, PHP,HTML,CSS. Here I get chance to check myknowledge and ability in real environment which I gain in my period of mystudy.

I get expertise in MS office, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Visual studio anddifferent operating system like windows system, Ubuntu. As a web developer thebasic key responsibilities are designed and developed user friendly websites,testing and debugging of web applications, prepare and coordinate the intranetweb updates and changes, analyze user needs to determine technical requirements,handle the MYSQL Oracle server and collaborate with team in productive manner. Moreoverworking two years in this esteemed company taught me to enhance my core skillssuch as teamwork, effective communication, presentations that led me at higherlevel of development scale.Apartfrom academic knowledge, I am always curious to gather information for somelatest invention in the field of technology such as sixth sense device, Googleglass, Flexible display, wireless charger, Apple watch, augmented reality andmany more. Some young entrepreneur and inventor inspire me to do something bigin computer field and give our society a new sophisticated system.

Hence, I alwayswanted to be a huge contributor in computer field and I want to increase myknowledge in this field. That is why I decided to do master again in one of thebest country to study computer science. 


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