Steps Project And Scope: First read the scope,

Steps to Effectively Kick-start Construction Projects.1. Understand Project And Scope: First read the scope, then go to important clauses such as payment terms, submissions such as safety & quality assurance plans required by the client upfront in project, milestones, insurance requirement, price variation clause, liquidated damage, suspending and termination clauses, risk allocations, defect liability period and limitation of liability etc. Note down crucial points and other points which may be requiring clarifications.2. Logistics: Second step would be establishing the site office. This will invariably be required for registration of tax if you have bagged a project in a new state where you are first timer.

At the same time, involve a small team for purchase of computers, chairs, tables, printers and basic necessities so that your local site office is up and running as soon as people start showing up.3. Reallocating People And Recruiment: Third would be preparing site organizational chart and looking for whom to hire. It is always smarter to reallocate interior people on higher positions such project manager, assistant project manager because the notice period for hiring outside people on such positions can be as high as 3 months. 4.

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Insurance And Text document: Very basic things but important ones. Initial months are the most unorganized on a construction site and hence, advisable to take the insurance as soon as possible. Also, start working on the bank accounts and tax documents for the project as soon you have a project manager so that the construction site can run on its own smoothly and with no delay. 5. Project Control Processes: Simultaneously start implementing the project control practices which you want to see on the construction site. Some good examples can be the reports such as inward/outward correspondence register, material reconciliation, daily/monthly progress, cost monitoring reports etc. 6. Designs & Drawings: Get on it as soon as possible and possible meet the client with some progress on designs.

These can be definitive designs for repetitive structures or rough brainstorming designs.7. Zero-Budget: Your client will sooner or later ask you to submit a final schedule but before that you need to complete the zero-budget. Because you might have put your bid to the client 6 months ago and he just accepted it today. A zero-budget will help you get a refreshed profit margin based on today and not on some number compiled 6 months ago. Once you are done with the zero-budget, start putting together the schedule.

8. Billing Plan: Look at the payment terms and conditions in the contract and discuss it with the client in the kick-off/first official meeting. If a new billing break-up/billing schedule is accepted by the client, then create shorter milestones & submit.

9. Subcontractors: Again, start early and look for local partners in the community. These suppliers and subcontractors can help you kick-start your project if some of them are local. Documentation: Start documenting everything from the beginning so that you are safeguarded in unfortunate cases of litigation.

Also, it is a good idea to understand how the client prefers to correspond whether everything in writing or generally in verbal and only important things in writing. 10. Customer Relation: From your kick-off meeting to writing letters, you should be extra conscious in developing and maintaining cordial relations with the client. It must be known that it is easier to deal with a happy and satisfied client even in unpleasant situations such as change order or disagreements.

Start the survey and geotechnical investigations early in the project so that you design team have those data. Try to bring the client during that time to the construction site so that the client can see that you have already started the work and there is even some physical work already done. Also, start the permitting processes so that you don’t have to wait once design is completed.


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