Steward and also provide professional service of the

Steward and Stewardess(A.F.D.N Airlines)Our flight attendants are the face of A.

F.D.N Airlines and also provide professional service of the highest caliber, with a desire, drive and passion to provide outstanding service. Our customer’s experience great so you can do the same for our customers. Flying is more than what we do.

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.it’s who we are.Job DescriptionJob title: Flight AttendantDepartment: Airlines Flight AttendantReports to: A.F.D.N Airlines ManagerDate of the job analysis20 June 2018Expiration DateJune 2019Job SummaryPrepare personal services to make sure the safety, security, and comfort of airline passengers during flight.

Great passengers, verify tickets, brief the use of safety equipment, and also deliver food or beverage to passengers.Duties Performed:? Make sure that first aid kits and other emergency equipment, including fire extinguishers and oxygen bottles are works well.? Brief passengers in emergency procedures, such as evacuating a plane following an emergency landing.? Hand out first aid to passengers that in distress.? Announce and indicate safety and emergency procedures, such as the way to use oxygen masks, seat belts, and life jackets.? Announce flight delays and descent preparations.? Greet passengers boarding aircraft and direct them to assigned seats.? Make sure that blankets, magazines, emergency kits, crew coordination, lengths of flight, food and beverage services offered, and numbers of passengers.? Make sure audio and video systems works well.? Make sure all cabins must be clean, check if there any problems and ensure that cabin are in order.? Collect money for foods and beveragesJob Specificationo Age between 20-35o Male/Femaleo Height: min 157cm, max 170cm barefoot (for female)o Height: min 170cm, max 180cm barefoot (for male)o SPM credit in English o Able to listen and acquaint with information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentenceso Able to communicate information and ideas in speaking so others will understand


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