Still the black Mary on the honey

Still at the creek, she wakes up felling like it’s the first day of a new life. She studied the black Mary picture. She noticed she didn’t know much about Mary or had even met a Catholic.

Bother Gerald said that “hell was nothing but a bonfire for Catholics.” She woke Rosaleen, and said she dreamed about Martin Luther King Jr. painting her toe nails. Lily was looking for some guidance on where to go.

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They found a general store. They head toward it to buy some food. Lily tells the store clerk that they are going to see her grandmother. She orders 2 things of BBQ pork and 2 Coca-Colas and then steals some snuff for Rosaleen. She noticed honey jars with the same black Mary picture as the one found with her mother’s belongings. Lily asks where they get the honey. The clerk says that the name of the supplier was August Boatwright and that she lives in a bubble gum pink house on the other side of Tiburon.

Lily and Rosaleen sat down and ate. Lily told Rosaleen about the black Mary on the honey and August Boatwright. She was certain that that was where her mother once was. They checked if their disappearance was in the paper. But they were not.


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