STRATEGIC support and drive business growth.LEGAL ADVANTAGEFew

STRATEGIC IDENTITYHow do you claim a greater share of mind among those you need to speak to, influence and win over?  It’s about defining a clear and compelling narrative such that people know who you are and what you stand for.  In today’s crowded and competitive market, it’s about differentiation – being recognized for who you are and not being confused with who and what you aren’t. Communications that add-up to support and drive business growth.LEGAL ADVANTAGEFew contentious matters requiring legal representation do not also entail the risk of reputational damage.

 We partner with clients’ legal counsel to ensure that the broadest range of PR considerations and their impact on key stakeholders are taken into account while driving a narrative that fully represents the client’s side of the story. Because perception quickly becomes reality, we work to achieve optimal positioning to enable you to emerge from legal challenges with your brand and reputation intact.DIGITAL/SOCIAL MEDIA”If you’re not digital, you don’t exist.”  Like it or not, effective communications require real-time, online engagement – constantly.  Your brand and identity are at stake.  Whether you’re a “digital immigrant” or “digital native”, it’s about optimizing your presence on constantly-developing digital platforms; exploiting the right channels to be seen and heard, and most importantly, engage with those whose loyalty is essential.

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REPUTATIONAL POSITIONINGIt’s about defining yourself before others do.  Controlling the narrative is key, whether it’s a matter of protecting your reputation from real and perceived threats, or enhancing it to increase your advantage, it’s essential to know what people are saying about you – and if they’re noticing at all. Real-time listening and engaging with those whose loyalty you’re determined to win and keep, and whose opinions matter most. MEDIA RELATIONSThe days of “local news” are no more. Because of today’s 24/7 media environment – traditional, digital, social – it’s never been easier or more challenging to be noticed and covered as news that matters.

  Message definition.  Real-time engagement. Channel optimization. Targeted communications that stand out and impact those you need to influence.

 LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATIONSCredible and effective leaders communicate well and often. But not every leader is a born communicator.  It’s about optimizing personal strengths and overcoming weaknesses.  Developing skills and approaches that enable you to be an effective communicator, to be respected and ultimately, ensure others follow.     CRISIS COMMUNICATIONSBecause stuff happens and things usually don’t go as planned, getting in front of a pending or present crisis is your only chance to mitigate the nasty stuff sure to come your way. It’s about seeing around corners and defining a position that’s authentic. Scenario planning.

Stakeholder messaging. Defining what works and what doesn’t – making sure that above all, you’re still standing and credible when the storm passesADVOCACYAll voices are not heard equally. To change minds, attitudes and, ultimately, advance your cause requires being heard where and when it matters most.  Clear and compelling communications, backed by irrefutable facts, reasoned approaches and tactics that work.

It’s about cutting away the fat, and defining the essence of the matter – and why it matters – for the well-versed and un-versed alike. CHANGE MANAGEMENTOrganizations, to survive and thrive, need to adapt.  Circumstances, environments and attitudes change, requiring different strategies, behaviors and outcomes.  Assessing what needs to change and why, and then determining how to bring about the necessary internal buy-in and transformation that will lead to new and better prospects requires clarity of purpose and robust communications.  Getting it right is less science than art.  It’s about making clear “what’s in it for them” and the benefits of being more than the sum of the many parts.



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