Strategies management team will have to focus on

Strategies for Expansion Change is implemented for an organization to be effective which is lead by HR leaders and reformulating old techniques to new. With talent management team focusing on these new approaches each team has to be aligned with any strategic plans for that organization. With organizations having an increase in global talent management team will have to focus on research findings and systematic collection of data to establish global talent for improvement in talent segments and workforce plans. Recruiting and retaining global talent forms a key strategic objective as organizations seek to grow their international footprint and stay one step ahead of the competition. However, the ability for these organizations to obtain the best talent is determined in part by the country where they are located (Mulkeen, 2017).

Talent Management Initiatives A core, multi-region, virtual implementation team has a number of benefits for delivering various elements of the global talent management program. Not only is it important to identify the challenges at local, regional, and organizational levels, but creating understanding and buy-in right from the start offers the best chance that the initiative is going to stick. Identify the organizational talent supply and demand situation one of the fundamental parts of any talent management system is an understanding of how many people are needed in the organization—both today and in the future—what skills they need to have and where they will need to be within the overall workforce. This is a vital part of creating a joined-up talent management process, and feeds critical areas such as recruitment, selection, development, performance management, and succession (Mitchell,2014).

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Recruiting Global Talent Old Recruiting: You go after candidates in the places where candidates looking for jobs are, such as job listing pages in newspapers. New Recruiting: You have to have a presence everywhere where jobseekers are, including non-job oriented social networks (Kadzere,2017It is undoubtedly that the recruitment process has changed and evolved abundantly and will continue to flow in the new concept. Ways that can be use for recruiting global talent is now in the form of technology communication such as the internet and social media for the competitive work market.

The internet has truly revolutionized recruiting. There are so many more touch points available to a hiring manager looking to fill an open role. If you don’t like the applications you’re getting from those in your immediate area, you can go beyond your city and even your state until you find the ideal candidate. Video interviewing has become a dramatic time and money saver for those looking to hire.

Instead of having to fly a candidate in for an interview or rely on the phone to get a sense of what this person is all about, the hiring manager can now utilize video interviewing technology in their process. This enables them to hear and see what the professional is all about without having to pay for airfare and hotel costs (Lauren, 2017). Other forms that are implemented for global talent to increase the success of the organization: Increased diversity has a host of benefits including improved productivity and higher levels of employee engagement. Diverse employees also bring an increase in cultural literacy to an organization. Employment brand without a strong consumer brand, most organizations need to rely on their employer brand to attract talent. Consistent on boarding process the on boarding process should also be as consistent as possible in each location. According to SHRM, 69 percent of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experience great on boarding (Murphy,2018).Potential Challenges with Positive Outcomes Global talent challenges (GTCs) are significant (strategic and high impact) human resources issues that focus on managing a firm to ensure just the right amount of the right talent and motivation, at the right place, at the right price, during all economic and financial ups and downs in a very competitive world for the purposes of balancing the workforce with the needs of the firm in the short term, and positioning the firm to have the workforce needed in the long term (Schuler, et al.

, 2011). Many countries are failing to develop and nurture their homegrown global talent. Often, this is due to the shortcomings of an education system that is outdated or inadequate to address the practical needs of their economy (Mulkeen,2017). Retention has been a major component with the quality of talent as a global issue; this issue has been a continuous issue for every organization worldwide. When retention becomes a challenging factor questions should arise in ways of strategizing such as; effective recruiting, recruit from within, motivating current employees, and finding alternate job responsibilities. Ways to overturn these challenges are location planning, creating new job assignments that require higher levels of competencies, making the organization more attracting and compensation to continue to retain current employees.Conclusion With global expansion there are many challenges that will need continuous strategic planning for a business to remain and be successful.

Talent management are implementing initiatives strategies to ensure their globally talent attraction rate for the organizations expansion. Organizations that is willing to use communication technology for the recruiting of their next global talent will benefit the company for a guarantee of the right candidate.


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