Strength: questions help users find more suitable people

Strength:As the Internet becomes more and more developed and people use it to do many things online dating has become one of them services. The Internet can help people get to know more people than they normally would. Because people are online so much digital relationship services, like eharmony, are becoming ideal. The advantage of online dating is that users will get to know each other before they meet. Each user will answer questions about themselves before registering, and these questions help users find more suitable people in the network. People are becoming more practical, so online dating can save you a lot of time because the system will help you filter out people you don’t want to know.Weakness: The weakness of eharmony is that it cannot match people of the same sex, so some users are less likely to use it than others.

The site should be more responsive to the needs of the customer base. In addition, they charge more for short-term users, which makes many people stop using the website. Moreover, the site has very little advertising, and eharmony can put a lot of advertisements on TV to let more people know about the site. With more users, they can provide more personalized services.

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Furthermore, in order to improve the user experience, the website needs to add some more personalized experience.Opportunities: As the pace of life gets faster, more people want to use the Internet to help them to meet people and solve love problems. So the usage rate is going to be higher and higher, and the number of users is going to be higher and higher. Users can see more people from different countries and network far more than their real friends. People are not limited to real life.

On the Internet people can chat with friends from foreign countries and ask them out for a date. The system will help users select the right person for them based on their needs.Threat:Many users find that they can still participate in eharmony’s matchmaking service even if they do not sign up. So, they choose not to pay membership fees.

Other companies are starting to offer the same services, which will allow many users to go to other companies and experience similar services. Users may be more inclined to go to other companies if their membership fees are lower.


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