Stress and ready to prevent the danger

Stress have motivating force at times and this is why we developed stress in the first place. If an individual are facing stress, he or she will go about trying to clarity the problem, and try to plan and solve it (Susan, 2015). Stress motivates individuals to succeed and get their tasks done at work. For examples, he or she think about a deadline, it was encouraged his or her to manage the conditions efficiency and effectively.

Stress can lead to successful in the workplace, creative and innovative strive and sports (Positive effects of stress, 2017). A study conducted by the Berg & Bengt (1996) show that employees with skin complaints perceive more subjective occupational stress compared to healthy controls working under similar physical conditions. The stress perception may result in increased metabolic activity with subsequent heat generation.The human body is prepared to experience stress and react to it. (Jennifer, 2017) found that tress can be positive known as eustress such as being given greater responsibilities that would keeping us warning and ready to prevent the danger situations.

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Stress help us to react to potential dangerous situations in the wild and this might mean for instance trying to escape from a predator. Stress also can help people to reduce your attention and to focus on the job in hand. Furthermore, stress has also been shown in several of research studies to help increase recall and memory through again moderation is terms as standards of cortisone that are too high which can cause injure to the hippocampus (Susan,2015). In order to strengthen individuals’ brain function, stress can also increase physical performance and patience. This is because of it causes the release of adrenaline which quicken people’s heart rate and metabolism. This result in increased response and reflexes, while it also acting as a painkiller meaning that individual can have better endurance.

Susan (2015) say a little of stress for an athlete is a great thing due to adrenaline can help to fight exhaustion and tiredness (Susan, 2015).


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