Structural functionalism examines how individual factors affect society as a whole

Structural functionalism examines how individual factors affect society as a whole. They believe that stratification is needed in order to have a balanced society. The view society as a cell in the and every part serves a role in stabilizing our society. In regards to structural functionalist on technology, I believe they would focus on the major effects of technology as well as what purpose it serves. Some of the positive aspects of technology they would consider are its ability to spread news quickly. That it’s great for connecting people across the globe and our curiosities are just a google search away. A few things that would be considered as a needed form of stratification is the fact that everyone does not have access to technology. The knowledge gap might be deemed as necessary because everyone can’t be everything. It takes a certain level of talent to develop skills that can contribute to bettering the society and withholding its balance.
Conflict Theories view society in all of their subordinated groups and its dominance in society. They view mainly groups based on age, gender, cast, and religion. They believe that a divided society had limited resources to advance from and any advancement made is at the expense of another’s lost or struggle. When viewing technology in society, conflict theorist would focus on who is controlling what is being viewed. They look at the biases within society and what aspects are being forced onto viewers and what is being hidden. They look for patterns of targeting a certain subordinated group. An example would be gatekeeping done within those influencers. They dictate when, what, where and how much will the newest technology cost. Conflict theorist focus and the role that media plays in promoting any unfair sales marketing and the patterns at which they happen. I would think that the digital gap would be a valued concern area because of the digital inequality in some areas in comparison to others. While some schools have brand new Apple technologies at the of its students. Other schools in poorer areas might not have that luxury. Their textbooks could be outdated and still used boxed computers from the early 200s. Social stratification is an important factor to conflict theorist, they strongly believe that those in power use their status to persuade the ideology of those below them. It’s like a politician being reelected using their platform to make false promised to those in a lower cast than him. It’s his welfare at the expense of their poverty.
Symbolic interactionism examines society as a great big bowl of interactions. Personal interactions fluctuate and are not always repeated. The way someone may act towards another person or thing is strictly due to how they value that person or thing. A few concepts would be an alcoholic, at a glance you may simply think that it’s a selfish addiction. However, after symbolic interactionism, we may be able to find a relationship between alcohol and the consumer. Where it’s to mask up a deep emotion or to conform to the way it’s been glamorized. Within society, every pair has a meaning behind why they fit together so well. As far as technology in symbolic interactionism, the kind of phone you have says a lot about you. If you’re able to buy every new Apple product once it releases it shows your wealth in society. Technology is a huge way to indicate not only your social status but your maintenance level. If you like being up to date with all the latest trends and you enjoy interacting with others you would invest in products to help you do so. Because symbolic is solely based on human daily interactions interrupted to represent society as a wholesome example of social stratification might that people tend to interact with those who share similar roles in society as they do. That might lead others to be mistreated or overlooked by those who are in a high class. Also, when it comes to communication if you are used to interacting with those who share a common perspective then you won’t be able to see conflicts from various sides.
All theoretical perspectives hold value in how society is viewed and to an extent, they’re all true. I personally believe I’m more of a symbolic interactionist. I find interest in the relationship between pairs and how they affect society and are affected by society.


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