Student Student (subclass 500) visa We have received

Student Visa Processing CentreDepartment of Immigration and Border ProtectionWEBSITE: www.border.

gov.au21 January 2018Kush Rakeshbhai PATEL6 JALARAM PARK, VISNAGAR ROADUNJHA,MEHSANA GUJARAT 384170INDIADear Kush Rakeshbhai PATELAcknowledgement of application received for a Student (Temporary) (class TU)Student (subclass 500) visaWe have received a visa application for:Applicant TypeNameDate of birthPRIMARYKush Rakeshbhai PATEL28 January 1999Your application has not yet been assessed. We will contact you as soon as your applicationhas been reviewed and if further information is required.You can use your application ID 290609384 in ImmiAccount to search and view yourapplication before it has been decided.

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To access ImmiAccount visit our website sincerelyDepartment of Immigration and Border ProtectionIn reply please quote:Client nameKush Rakeshbhai PATELDate of birth28 January 1999Date of visa application21 January 2018Application ID290609384Transaction reference numberEGOH4F0C55File numberBCC2018/346047Visa Application ChargeReceipt Number9007374105Transmission methodEmail sent to [email protected] 2 -Student Visa Processing CentreDepartment of Immigration and Border ProtectionWEBSITE:

auAcknowledgement of applicationreceived factsheetAccess your application through ImmiAccountYou can use your application ID 290609384 in ImmiAccount to search and view your application before it hasbeen decided.ImmiAccount enables you to access our online services to:-attach documents-view correspondence-update your details-view the application status.To access your ImmiAccount, visit our website at usYou need to tell us about any changes to your details as soon as possible. These changes may affect anyanswer to a question in your application form including your name, passport, contact details, address andfamily members.

You must do this in writing and can use Form 1022 Notification of changes in circumstances(Section 104 of the Migration Act 1958), available on our website at you lodged your application online, use your ImmiAccount to provide this information to us which is availableat to notify us of these changes can have serious consequences and even if the visa you have appliedfor is granted, it may later be cancelled.

Processing timesWe assess applications on a case-by-case basis, and actual processing times can vary due to individualcircumstances.Further information about our processing times is available on our website www.border. service informationWe value your compliments, complaints and suggestions. Your compliments let us know where we areperforming well and your complaints and suggestions help us improve the services we provide.IMMI Acknowledgement of application received factsheet | 2Further information on our client service charter and how to make a compliment, complaint or suggestion isavailable at www. documentsWe may make a decision on your application without requesting additional information. You should provide uswith all the information you feel is relevant.As you lodged your application online, you should log in to your ImmiAccount to see the documents requiredfor your application.Do not send us original documents unless we ask for them.

If you send copies of your documents, ensure thatthey are certified copies.If you provide us with fraudulent documents or claims, this may result in processing delays and yourapplication being refused.Further informationGeneral information about visas and citizenship is available from our website


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