Students pictures of George Smith’ s painting “Heart

Students should be exposed to the context that describes a situation they should feel themselves into and that gives information about how to use certain grammatical or vocabulary aspeFor any language teaching research, certain contextual variables must be considered. They include the instructional methodology, the situation and the learner.Thus, instructions should be given in context. For example, to teach the meaning of the word “bank”, a teacher should provide the context or provide the word at least in a complete sentence like” The girl walked on the bank of the river”.

Then, the teacher should ask students to guess the meaning of the word bank according the its meaning in the mentioned sentence.In addition, a certain utterance can only be accurately explained in context.For example; of language in situations that are similar to real life situationsA teacher can display pictures of George Smith’ s painting “Heart Beat”. Then, students should be asked about the picture and about what it might refer to.To teach students how to concentrate and listen carefully in class, I bring a couple of objects, put them in boxes and shuffle them fast in front of them. Then I shake each box asking them to guess which object is possibly in each box.

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Only a good listener can recognize the objects. Technique #4: Introduce a change of stateThis technique can be easily used in teaching science. For example, to show students how water can change into different forms. Using an experiment of boiling water can convince students that water can exist in different forms. This is a kind of contextualizing and personalizing knowledge. Technique #5: Take advantage of cultural knowledge gapsWhile teaching Shakespeare’s poem “Shall I compare Thee to a Summer’s Day”, a discussion of the weather in Britain is needed to explain the poet’s motive for comparing his beloved to a summer’s day.

Some pictures would greatly help too.


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