SUB-TOTAL . ________________________________________________________________________________ 29 Kaylee wanted to

SUB-TOTAL SCORE:STANDARD SCIENCE 009/02(B)/2018/ Page !1LJL EDUCATION, SINGAPORE SECOND SEMESTERAL ASSESSMENT YEAR 2018 PRIMARY FIVE SA2 0001/3(B) 15 September 2018 (BOOKLET B) STANDARD SCIENCE Total Duration Allowed: 1 Hour 45 Minutes 10 Questions 44 Marks This booklet consists of 14 printed pages INSTRUCTIONS TO ALL CANDIDATES: •You are allowed 1 hour 45 minutes to finish both Booklets A and B •Follow all instructions carefully •Attempt all questions •Write all answers in this booklet in PEN NAME: ___________________________________ CLASS: 5 ( ) INDEX NO. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___BOOKLETScoreRecorder ID/ Signature Possible ActualA56B44TOTAL100FOR MARKERS’ USEQuestion No.

Marker IDMarker 1Marker 229-44 Supervisor ID/ Signature Parent’s SignatureSUB-TOTAL SCORE:-BLANK PAGE-(CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE)STANDARD SCIENCE 009/02(B)/2018/ Page !2SUB-TOTAL SCORE:Booklet B 44 Marks For Questions 29-39 write your answers in PEN in this booklet. The marks allocated for each question can be found at the end of each question in the . ________________________________________________________________________________ 29 Kaylee wanted to find out if the amount of oxygen in the air would affect the number of seeds that would germinate. He planted 50 seeds of plant P on a layer of cotton wool moistened with 80 ml of water in s large container with two openings, A and B, as shown below. Air containing 5% oxygen was continuously pumped in from one end of the container. After 1 week, he recorded the number of seeds that had germinated.

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He repeated the experiment with air containing 0%, 10%, 15% and 20% of oxygen and recorded the number of seeds that germinated. The table below shows his results: a)Based on Kaylee’s results, what is the relationship between the amount of oxygen and the number of the seeds germinated? 1 _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ b)Explain why Kaylee used 50 seeds instead of 5 seeds for the experiment? 1 _______________________________________________________________________________ c)Why are the openings, A and B, important to the experiment? 1 _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ d)Based on the experiment above, state one more variable that has to be kept constant so as to ensure that Kaylee’s experiment is a fair one. 1 _______________________________________________________________________________ Amount of oxygen in container (%)05101520No. of seeds germinated09203140STANDARD SCIENCE 009/02(B)/2018/ Page !3SUB-TOTAL SCORE:30 The diagrams below show what happens before and after a cell is placed in a container filled with substances X and Y. a) Explain and describe what happened to the cell 15 minutes after it was placed with substance X and Y. 1 _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ b) Suggest a genetic modification from a plant cell that would prevent the cell from bursting after two much substance X and Y enters the cell.

1 _______________________________________________________________________________ c) State two ways for a cell to reproduce and explain their differences. 2 1.______________________________________________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________________________________________ Difference: 1 _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ STANDARD SCIENCE 009/02(B)/2018/ Page !4SUB-TOTAL SCORE:31 Terrance placed a plant in a beaker of red-coloured water as shown below. He removed the outer ring of the stem and connecting stem to the fruit. After 1 or 2 weeks he made the following observations. Observation 1. The upper part of the cut on the stem started to swell.

Explain this observation 1 _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Observation 2. Two fruits of a similar size growing were on the plant. One of the fruit, which outer ring of the stalk was cut (Stalk X) , grew smaller than the fruit which stalk was not cut (Stalk Y) as shown below. Explain this observation. 2 _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ STANDARD SCIENCE 009/02(B)/2018/ Page !5SUB-TOTAL SCORE:Observation 3. c) Suggest a possible observation after 2 weeks.

Explain your answer. 2 Observation: _______________________________________________________________________________ Reason for the possible observation above: _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ (CONTINUE THE NEXT QUESTION ON THE NEXT PAGE) STANDARD SCIENCE 009/02(B)/2018/ Page !6SUB-TOTAL SCORE:32 Arial filled a container made of wood with water at 60(c). The temperature of the water remained at 60(c)throughout the experiment. She measured the temperature of the air at various distances and, W, from the water surface. Her results are shown below.

a) Explain how using a container made of wood helped to make Arial’s results more reliable.1 _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ b) Based on the above results, what is the relationship between the temperature of the air and distance W? 1 _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ c) Suggest a possible reason why the experiment had to be conducted over such a short period of time? 1 _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ d) If Arial conducted a second experiment but used a metal container instead of a wooden container, will her results be the same, higher or lower than 32(c)? Explain your answer. 1 _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Distance of W (cm)246810Temperature of air (c)4230322927STANDARD SCIENCE 009/02(B)/2018/ Page !7SUB-TOTAL SCORE:33 Fanny conducted an experiment as shown below with 2 set-ups to find out how wind affects the rate of water of.

One beaker in a set-up was filled with 100 ml while the other was filled with 200 ml of water of water but a fan was placed beside the beaker of water in set-up B. a)Give a reason why this experiment is not a fair one. 1 _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ b) If this experiment was a fair one what should Fanny measure in order to make a possible conclusion? 1 _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ STANDARD SCIENCE 009/02(B)/2018/ Page !8SUB-TOTAL SCORE:d) A clothes dryer is a machine used to dry wet clothes using hot air. Fanny added tennis balls in between her wet clothes in her dryer to shorten the time taken for the clothes to dry. i)Explain how adding tennis balls in between the clothes help to shorten the time taken for the clothes to dry? 2 _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ii) There is a fan in the clothes dryer that blows hot air at the wet clothes. Fanny is able to adjust the fan speed of the clothes dryer. How will increasing the fan speed affect the time taken for the clothes to dry? 1 _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ STANDARD SCIENCE 009/02(B)/2018/ Page !9SUB-TOTAL SCORE:34 Madeline conducted an experiment to determine how the number of wing-like structures of fruit X affects the duration it remains in the air.

She dropped the fruit from a fixed height and recorded the time taken for the fruit to reach the ground. She repeated the experiment using the fruit but with the wing-like structures cut off, one at the time, as shown below. For each experiment carried out, she recorded the results in the table below. a)What conclusion can be drawn out from the above results? Explain. 2 ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ b) What advantage does the seed have if it is able to take a longer time to reach the ground once it has been dispersed from its parent plant? 1 ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ c) Madeline used the same seed for the experiment in order for the results to be more reliable. Give 2 reasons why the seed must be used for the experiments.

1 _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Time taken for the fruit to reach the ground (secs)Fruit X with 2 wing-like structuresFruit with 1 wing-like structure Fruit with no wing-like structure12.98.43.1STANDARD SCIENCE 009/02(B)/2018/ Page !10SUB-TOTAL SCORE:35 The diagram below shows a way to separate magnetic materials and non-magnetic materials. Julian poured a mixture of metals onto the moving rubber belt.

a)What type of materials, magnetic and non-magnetic could be collected in cylinders X and Y respectively? 1 Cylinder X: _____________________________ Cylinder Y: _____________________________ b) Explain how cylinder Y is able to collect such metals stated in (a). 2 _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ c) Julian then added some bigger metals which were magnetic materials but fell of the belt easily. Suggest a possible reason why. 1 _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ STANDARD SCIENCE 009/02(B)/2018/ Page !11SUB-TOTAL SCORE:36 Germaine used the following set up to conduct an experiment as shown below. He poured different liquids, D, E, F and G at a time into the beaker and closed the switch to observe the brightness of the bulb. He then recorded his results in a table below. a) Suggest a material and a property of the rods used in the set up that allowed it to work.

1 _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ b) Liquid G Germaine used was sea water. Based on the results above, explain why it is not safe to swim in the sea during a lightning storm . 2 _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ c) Germaine added more batteries to the set up but realised that the bulb did not work. Explain why. 1 _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ LiquidBrightness of bulbVe r y D i mDim Bright Very Bright D? E? F? G? STANDARD SCIENCE 009/02(B)/2018/ Page !12SUB-TOTAL SCORE:37 In the set up below, fabrics of 3 different materials are submerged into 3 separate containers, each containing 500ml of water. The aim of the experiment was to find out which type of material can absorb the most amount of water.

After 5 minutes, the fabrics were taken out from the containers and the amount of water left in each container was measured. Start of the experiment End of the experiment a) If Mrs Tan wants to make a bath towel, which fabric , A, B or C, would she most probably choose? Explain your answer. 1 _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ b) What 2 variables that must be kept constant in fabrics A, B and C? 1 _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ STANDARD SCIENCE 009/02(B)/2018/ Page !13SUB-TOTAL SCORE:38 Study the diagram below. a) In the diagram above, mark ‘X’ to show where the male reproductive cells are produced in both systems. 1 b) When the stigma of the flower plant is removed, explain why reproduction cannot take place? 1 _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ c) Describe how pollination takes place in the flowering plant above.

1 _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ d) State 2 methods of pollination in the blanks provided. 1 Method 1: ___________________________ Method 2: __________________________ e) During the human reproduction, explain what happens when the sperm enters the egg. 1 _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ STANDARD SCIENCE 009/02(B)/2018/ Page !14SUB-TOTAL SCORE:39 A group of people were trapped in a lift. The composition of air is shown below ( before people were trapped in the lift and after ). The lift doors was complete shut and was air tight so there was poor ventilation. A few adults were kicking the lift door and a baby was crying.a)Explain the difference in composition of air in the lift for the amount of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen only.

2_____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ b)If the adults stopped kicking the door and the baby stopped crying will the amount of gases changing increase or decrease? Explain. 1_____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ -END OF PAPER-Do remember to check your work properly “STANDARD SCIENCE 009/02(B)/2018/ Page !1506.51319.526OxygenCarbon DioxideNitrogenWater VapourOther GasesBeforeAfterSUB-TOTAL SCORE:STANDARD SCIENCE 009/02(B)/2018/ Page !16Speed of the ?sh breathingSUB-TOTAL SCORE:Extra Question: Germaine wanted to find out the Electrical conductivity of rods A, B, C and D. She set up 3 circuits with identical batteries, bulbs and wires as shown below a) Based on the above experiment, complete the table below with Rod A, B, C or D, based on its electrical conductivity.

2 Conductor(s) of electricityInsulator(s) of electricity STANDARD SCIENCE 009/02(B)/2018/ Page !17LocationsABC1SUB-TOTAL SCORE:b) Electrical wires are normally covered with a layer of rubber. How does this layer of rubber provide protect the people who are using the wires? 1 _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ (i)Rod (s)(ii)Rod (s) STANDARD SCIENCE 009/02(B)/2018/ Page !18


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