Substance and alcohol issues frequently happens from

Substance abuse disorder This kind of disorder is identified if an individual takes psychoactive substance like alcohol, cocaine and this has transformed their behaviour enough that will harm their social life or job. The individual will have no control on using substance and will suffer disengagement if they discontinue using substance. Drug and alcohol issues frequently happens from a reaction of agitate enviourment, and posture a purpose of danger to the health socially and financially to families, and to the society.

4 main causes to drug abuse and alcohol/Parental influences Individuals that were brought up in a extreme lenient families are more likely to misconduct to the ones who are from preserved families. Modelling is a strong cause, influencing children are to analysis with drugs. If parents display a irresponsible attitude to drugs or prescribed medications, children are more likely to misuse drugs. Personal traits Individuals experiment drugs out of curiosity to ease emotional grief and psychical pain.

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This also applies to different type of personalities, except social conformity trait that are less likely to misconduct. Poor/Rich The economic growth is identifying an important aspect in identifying the amount of individuals using psychoactive substances. As an example, depression is linked to poor economic state, while drug abuse is more common in developed countries.


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