Successful shown steady growth over 15 to

Successful participation and involvement of government, non-governmental organizations and the private sector for the purpose of developing Mongolia as a global tourism hub. Over the years, tourism has shown steady growth over 15 to 25 years, and hospitality and service quality is improving.The unique, unique culture of Mongolia, the ancient hospitality of Mongolia, the beauty of nature, rich animals and vegetables are attracted by tourists. Since the transition to the Mongolian market in 1990, tourism has become an important part of the country’s development.

It has become an important factor in integrating Mongolia into following the global trends of globalization. Mongolia’s tourism sector is steadily growing over the past 15 years, currently, over 534 private companies are operating in the sector, of which 60 are foreign. The number of tourists arriving in Mongolia is increasing year by year. About 12,000 people are involved in tourism.Most tourists come from Japan, France, England, South Korea, Germany and the United States. Mongolia is a favorite tourist destination because of its vast steppe, hills, deserts, unique culture and history. There are a number of opportunities to invest in the tourism sector within the government’s privatization program, including hotels, camps, and management that meet international standards.

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