Sufficiency the learning outcomes and assessment criteria that

Sufficiency is judged by ensuring it meets all the learning outcomes and assessment criteria that has been detailed within any agreed assessment plan. It must also be at the correct level whereby so that achievement can be proven at that appropriate level. As with all evidence, it must of a coherent nature and meet any regulations that have been set out by the awarding body and governmental standards. Measuring authenticity of any learner work can be done in a variety of ways and is dependent on the evidence for which authenticity is being checked. Documentation will have been completed by learners to confirm that any documentary evidence provided is their own work.

It can be checked for plagiarism using online resources. It can also be checked that the work has not been copied from other learners. If evidence has been provided in the form of witness statements, then these would need to be checked that they come from credible and trustworthy sources. An audit trail may be required or further collaboration of the evidence to prove the authenticity of it and that it meets any standards laid out.Current evidence must conform to the awarding organisation’s standards on currency.

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There maybe time limes after which prior qualifications for example become unacceptable as evidence. Evidence also shows that the learner is up to date with knowledge, understanding and skills related to the learning outcomes and criteria that has been agreed in the assessment plan


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