Suicide own life (Shelly ; Miller, 2006).

Suicide and Euthanasia NameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Suicide and Euthanasia Reflect on the Analysis of the Sin of Suicide and Thus, Euthanasia From The Topic Readings. Do You Agree? Why or Why Not?According to the Christian background, suicide and euthanasia are wrong as it is against the principles of God as he is the one who has the power to give life and to take life (Shelly & Miller, 2006). Our lives belong to God and no one has the power to decide when to die since he/she did not have the power to decide when to come into this world (Shelly & Miller, 2006). Suffering is not a reason to take one’s life since early believers too suffered but persevered the suffering even our Christ too suffered but did not make a decision to take his own life (Shelly ; Miller, 2006). Through suicide, we are taking the role and responsibility of God and not recognizing and appreciating God who is in control of our lives and destiny (Meilaender, 2013). Committing suicide is a sin to God. God has promised to resurrect everyone on this earth and make a judgment according to his or her deeds and decisions made while alive on this earth (Meilaender, 2013).

Through this fact of resurrection, it is a clear indication that God is the only sole holder and giver of life and anyone who goes against this principle is against God and will eventually face the consequences of their actions (Meilaender, 2013). Any decisions regarding life are not to be made by humans since God has many options available and even in the case of medical conditions where the doctor and the patient are considering euthanasia as an option, they should also realize that God is able to heal the sick even those patients suffering from chronic ailments (Shelly ; Miller, 2006). Euthanasia is against the Christian principles, which advocate for care for those who are suffering and the process of euthanasia will end life and will not provide any care to the patient (Shelly ; Miller, 2006). ReferencesMeilaender, G.

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