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Summary of Pamphlet Teaching AssignmentStudent’s nameNovember 03, 2018Demographics:Mother is a 30 year old Black American who is a businessperson dealing with food products. The woman graduated from the university with a bachelor’s degree in education. However, she has been unable to secure employment in the education profession, which she has trained. The mother has a 5-year-old child and a newborn child who is 3 months old.

This mother lives in the rural areas where it is a challenge to access quality medical services to help her in effectively raising her children.Parent Response:The mother was happy to receive this information since she has had previous health issues with her first child, which had been attributed to a poor environment. She appreciated the efforts of sharing this important information to her since accessing this information was difficult due to the difficulties in accessing healthcare information due to where she lived. She also proceeded to welcome me to her house and showed me around where we made some improvements to reduce the risks to her child, which were present in her home. She asked many questions related to the implementation process of the recommendations on improving the baby’s environment. Assessment of parents understanding:After going through her house and making important recommendations, which would help her in providing a clean environment for her children, she shared about the difficulties, which she had undergone in ensuring that her children have a safe living environment.

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I was pleased that she was willing to make the recommended changes if she received support in the implementation process. Based on the assessment of the house and the surrounding environment, it was evident that she knew the importance of having a clean environment for her children. Student Impression of Experience:This experience surprised me as the mother was not resistant but happy that she had been able to access such information.

My initial assumptions were that the mother would not be receptive since I was a stranger and we had never met before. However, after she knew my intentions, she became more receptive and accommodative to me. This led to a deep conversation where she opened u p on her struggles to ensure that her children have the safest environment after she had previous issues with her first-born. She however made recommendations on the pamphlet, which included a more simplified pamphlet to help her in understanding all the information provided by the pamphlet adequately.


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