SummaryThe during World War II. These characters

SummaryThe title of the movie I chose to watch is “The Imitation Game.” This film is based on a true story revolving around mathematician’s, logician, and cryptanalyst during World War II. These characters were all pioneering computer scientist. There were three main time periods shown in the movie of Turing’s life. The first period was the start of WWII when Britain first declared war on Nazi Germany.

In the beginning, Turning was hired by the British government to work with a team on a top secret project. The team’s project was to decipher Enigma which was an incredible machine containing codes that no one, but the Nazis understood. If the team were able to break the codes, it would give the Allies a chance to win the war. The main problem was that Enigma changes its codes every single day at midnight so that even if the team were able to break a coded message from the Nazis, those codes would be useless by the end of the day.

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There were 159,000,000,000,000,000,000 possible codes used in the device making it impossible to check by hand each one day by day. While Alexander and the rest of the team worked day by day trying to break the codes. Alan would work on his idea of developing a machine, believing it would break Enigma’s code fast and with accuracy every single day. The problem Alan has is convincing the General to give funding for the device. The whole environment of the team changes when Joan Clarke, the only female is recruited into the team.

Joan is not only smart but useful for the team, and also helps Alan how to act in social gatherings to get things done with a team and not individually. Joan’s secret project was almost at a threat by her parent’s traditional views, believing that her role is to be someone’s wife. The second event shown was in 1928 when Alan Turing was a pre-teen attending a boarding school. Even when he was young, Turing was seen as different from all his classmate and was bullied because of the lack of being able to communicate with people socially. His only “friend” at the boarding school was Christopher Morcom.

Christopher was the name of the machine Turning would later on, because Christopher Morcom was his friend and his first love. Lastly, in 1951, Alan’s home in Manchester was broken into. Because nothing was stolen, from Turing’s house he dismissed the police shortly. Investigators believed that Turing is hiding something, from the way he told the police to leave right away.

What the police discover had consequences for Turing’s life.Which was later shown that his secret was Turning was a homosexual. Even though he helped win the war, he was at risk of going to jail for indecency.


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