SUMMER This is to certify that the report


: A3104616131 Faculty Guide: Mrs. Bhawna Agarwal TABLE OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTION 5-8ORGANISATION STRUCTURE 11-15AND DETAIL FUNCTIONAL DEPARTMENTS 16-22COMPANY ANALYSIS 23-26FINDIND AND SUGGESTIONS 27-28CONCLUSION AND RESULTS 29-30REFERENCES 31-32 CERTIFICATIONThis is to certify that the report on “Simco Auto Limited- an organisational study with specific reference to sales and marketing department” by Abhinav Jain was conducted under my supervision and it constitutes his original work which has not been published anywhere else. Supervisor Dr. BHAWNA AGARWAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI would like to express my gratitude to all those who have helped me in the making of this project.

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I would like to thank my faculty guide Mrs. Bhawna Agarwal for her guidance, efoorts and input in making of this project. I would also like to thank my family and my friends for constantly supporting me and giving their valuable inputs on the project.I would also like to thank my mentor at Simco auto limited, Mr. Ashish Gupta who helped me throughout the course of internship CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION Simco is the vision of a man who embarked on an entrepreneurial odyssey by introducing the first bakelite moulding machine in India in 1958. About 5 decades later, the same excitement has been reborn. Simco under the seer guidance of Ashok Gupta has interests in three major auto electrical categories; Switches, Connectors, and Lamps.

The group has further diversified into Construction, Copper Rolling, Food & Beverage.The historical backdrop of development returns to 1963, when Mr. Sajjan Kumar, a work enthusiast, established SIMCO as an auto electrical parts fabricating organization. With his sincere torments and model commitment, he put the organization into the best section of Automotive Parts Manufacturers inside no time. TODAYToday SIMCO is a famous name in creating, assembling, advertising and providing different parts to the automobile business. The organization has best in class fabricating complex at Shahadra Industrial Area, Dilshad Garden in NCT of Delhi, the core of India with add up to secured territory of 24,971 sq. feet.

The organization’s strong point lies in giving products of great, sturdiness and new innovation at practical costs. The organization has a work power of gifted and prepared labor and an expert administration who has guided the association on the way of praiseworthy accomplishments, throughout the years. Additionally, Simco has cross utilitarian groups of devoted experts who are resolved to guarantee brilliance in all procedures with a specific end goal to accomplish the quality targets of the organization.

The organization’s items have wide endorsement in the Global Automotive Industry and are traded to around 52+ nations over the world with a huge number of fulfilled customers. The regarded customer rundown of the organization incorporates all the major OEMs and car providers around the world. FUTUREWith the help of Constant Research and Development we are continuously bringing upgradation in our machines and products. Our inventive methods and highly improvised machines are ready for next generation auto parts manufacturing. we have already set benchmark in international market and now we are striving to further improve our stands. Our machines are better equipped to handle next generation auto parts requirements in terms of quality, quantity and technical aspects.

We calibrate our system in such a way that we will be able to produce large scale parts usable for small- mid- large scale auto industry while dropping our design to manufacturing time and increase our product life time and durability which will help in improving the overall quality of our products. In upcoming years, we will bring our own testing machines which will help us in further extend our product reliability.We are in process of developing our online system in such a way that all our customers using our auto parts in any part of the world can check their auto part manufacturing information, its genuineness, usability and other related information on our website which will further enhance our relations with our worldwide customers. OBJECTIVES OF SUMMER INTERNSHIPAn organisational study with reference to marketing and sales department To seek knowledge in the field of marketing and get to know the functionong of marketing and sales department. To seek knowledge in the field of sales. Getting an idea how the company works and what operations takes place ISSUES AND PROBLEMS Doing careless workSensibly, you’re not going to have the capacity to spare the world in your first week. While you will be endowed to do real work, odds are you will be given a great deal of administrative work also.

Not doing anything It’s normal to have a great deal of down time when you’re an assistant. Indeed, there is most likely a considerable measure of work to do around the workplace yet it’s conceivable that it’s not work that an assistant would be aware of. It could likewise be that your supervisor has a ton on his or her own particular plate and has totally neglected your workload.

Not getting any direction As an assistant, it’s imaginable that you don’t know anything at work. However, you wouldn’t have any desire to remain as such for whatever is left of your temporary position. Before the finish of your stay at the organization, you ought to have gotten something other than some things from your work understanding, regardless of how concise it was. CHAPTER 2ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURESIMCO AUTOLIMITED ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE SOME ESTEEM CLIENTS OF SIMCO AUTO LIMITED HAVELLS LE GRAND BAJAJ AUTO FINOLEX WIPRO CHAPTER 3FUNCTIONAL DEPARTMENTS Functional Areas of Simco Auto LimitedProduction DepartmentToday, SIMCO has the high-tech, wholly integrated industrialized complex in Dilshad Garden Industrial Area. The facility is fully self-sufficient as it is capable of producing most of the workings within its premises.The business employs state-of-the-art Injection and BMC moulding machines which offers an excellent way of manufacturing precise moulds.The lacquer operation is done in a totally mechanical facility with conveyorised auto dipping method for even lacquer coating.

The Vacuum Metalising process is carried out in a computerized Metalising plant.The most recent in innovation, self-loader Assembly Lines guarantee the expanded productivity and upgraded nature of items..The organization has received single piece stream and cell fabricating framework which guarantees relentless change underway and quality and the end of waste.

Marketing DepartmentMarketing/PromotionThe Marketing Department plays a critical part in advancing the business and mission of an association. It fills as the face of the organization, planning and delivering all materials speaking to the business. It is the Marketing Department’s business to contact prospects, clients, speculator and additionally the network, while making a general picture that speaks to your organization in a positive light. The Marketing Department is the way to great promoting and deals. It advances and sets up a business in its specialty, in view of the items or administrations the business is commitment. It recognizes the regions in which the item fits and where the business should center its advertising technique and, accordingly, spend its financial plan for the most extreme scope and results.

The showcasing office encourages a business to do the accompanying: • Build association with the customers: Creates consciousness of the business and its items and give inputs that make enthusiasm to the gathering of people. It gets new clients and makes new business open doors for the endeavor. • Involve the client: It connects close by clients, endeavors to comprehend them and hear what they need to state. It screens the opposition, makes new thoughts, distinguish outlets, designs the system to include clients and hold them. • Generate income: Finally, the point of the showcasing office is to create income.

Every one of its exercises are gone for widening the client base and discovering openings that would make more income for the undertaking. SalesThe obligations of a business division fluctuate contingent upon the business, and how extensive the group is. Be that as it may, the primary duty of a business office is generally hunting down and distinguishing planned customers. The following obligation of the business office is connecting with those potential customers and reaching, which is the point at which the relationship-building starts vigorously.

A business delegate will recognize the necessities of the customer, and discover any important data for making a deal. Next, the business office is in charge of conveying introductions and recommendations that will change over the client. For instance, say a forthcoming client tells your business delegate that he is searching for another office provider, however what he needs that others don’t have is a choice of claim to fame inks. Your business office currently assembles an introduction for the client that shows your wide ink determination. Ordinarily, a colleague will likewise assemble a proposition for the business.

This individualized seeking of customers can help change over leads into long haul clients, so it’s vital to get this part right. On the off chance that the forthcoming customer is content with the client administration of the business staff and the primary concern of the proposition, it’s an ideal opportunity to bring home the bacon. Effectively bringing deals to a close is another duty of the business staff: handling exchanges and guaranteeing installments run easily.

At last, the business office is in charge of overseeing client connections and keeping clients cheerful long haul. As already noted, client maintenance is pivotal to business gainfulness, which regularly falls on the business group as they keep on following up with and address the issues of clients. The business office must keep up client connections and deal with the fulfillment everything being equal.Finance DepartmentIncome is the soul of any business. It is critical to deal with the business’ money outpourings and inflows. The organization can’t work without cash. In the event that you can’t deal with your cash legitimately, you will lose control of your business.

That is the place the bookkeeping and fund division comes in, which is a piece of the association that deals with the organization’s cash. This division is in charge of bookkeeping, reviewing, arranging, and sorting out accounts. They’re additionally capable in creating the organization’s financial statements.HR DepartmentThe HR office handles numerous fundamental elements of the business. It is instrumental in giving work law consistence, record continuing, employing and preparing, remuneration, social help and help with taking care of particular execution issues. These capacities are basic on the grounds that without those capacities being finished, your organization would not have the capacity to meet the basic needs of administration and staff.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SUPPORTPCs and data frameworks are extremely fundamental in business these days. The IT division goes about as the foundation of a smooth activity including the most recent innovation significant to the business. This office is in charge of making programming/s for different offices, giving direct working help with programming use and information administration to keep up practical zones in the association CHAPTER 4COMPANY ANALYSISSWOT Analysis of Simco Auto LimitedStrengthsSustainable business: The company’s extensive range of products allows them to cater to a wide range of customers. Also, it helps the company to deliver sustainable business growth.Association with Major Brands – Simco is associated with most of the major brands in the country for providing distribution services to them.Simco auto has dealers throughout India and it has always maintained a smooth supply chain.

Simco switches and connectors are always in demand and are supplied to various small and large cities and also they export their product overseas.Great hand in exports: Simco auto products are sold in foreign countries such as in United States Of America, Canada, England, France and Austria.WeaknessesNot a Global brand: Even after producing in high volume, Simco auto limited is not recognised as a global brand. It has not entered other markets or not prolonged internationally as fast as it could. It is predominantly an Indian market player.Tough competition from existing auto limited companies means limited market share–As there are a lot of companies in the market which provide switches, connectors, horns etc, it became a difficult task for the company to develop a market share.OpportunitiesIncrease in demand of modular switches: Indian Modular Switch Market is expected to garner $1,595.0 million by 2022, registering a CAGR of 22% during the forecast period 2016-2022.

Modular switches are an advanced version of conventional switches, which cater to the increasing need for safety and aesthetics among individuals. These switches provide added safety, customization, variety, and other novel features as compared to traditional switches Easy availability of these modular switches at affordable prices in the Indian market has increased their adoption in various applications across verticals such as commercial and residential buildings, IT ; telecommunication sector, hospitality, healthcare, retail, and others. The key players in the market are focused on developing technically advanced modular switches at affordable prices.Online Marketing: In the recent past, penetration of Internet in India and purchase of products through e-commerce portals have increased rapidly. Modular switch marketing through company websites, social networking sites, and e-commerce portals, such as India MART and Urjamart have enabled key players to increase their presence among online customers. In addition, major players have focused on expanding their online distribution network to improve their customer services and sustain the market competition.ThreatsAdverse impact of foreign exchange movement: As the company exports its products in foreign countries, it has to care of impact of foreign exchange movements like change in the price of the currency which may lead to change in the amount of payments and receipts of the company.Competition: Competition among various other companies may lead to a threat as lot of companies are engaged into manufacturing of connectors, horns and switches which may decrease the market share of the company.

CHAPTER 5FINDINGS AND SUGGESTIONS FINDINGSWhile working at Simco auto limited company, following findings were made- I got to know about the operations of the company I got to know the marketing and sales strategies of the company I got to meet new clients and how to deal with them and giving them proper information about the products of the company. I also learnt how to communicate with the established clients of the company and make sure that they are satisfied with the service the company provides. SUGGESSTIONSSimco should improve their customer base by promoting their products through online channels such as youtube, facebook etc. It only provides its products through their website. They should also consider by selling their products through other sites as well such as India Mart, trade India etc.CHAPTER 6CONCLUSION AND RESULT CONCLUSIONAfter successfully completing my summer internship at Simco Auto Ltd, I would like to conclude that it is a dynamic organisation that is ready for coping up with the business environment easily and steadily.

Although, the past few years hadn’t been very profitable for the company but it promises to bring back the lost profitability with better returns. The manpower at the workplace is quite engaged and focused on their work and tend to put in their best efforts for the betterment of the company. Hence, I would like to conclude that the company has all the abilities to be able enough to handle the market situations easily.

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