Summer enjoy because if the school year

Summer VacationThe final bell rings. It is the last day of school, and summer has finally come! I love summer holiday as I unwind from the stress that I get during the class hours.

It such a great vacation to have my family during its days especially that I have not seen them for a long time. In summer, I used to be lazy like sleeping late at night and other things that I did not do during school days, but this summer I have determined to make it a special one. I have planned to make many things that qualify me for the senior year. Firstly, to take time to relax from the stress I have had during the exams, and to gain a sufficient quantity of pleasure that could power me during the long-coming tough year. Consequently, I decided to visit all my relatives that I have not seen for long. Therefore, I travelled to Tanta and Mansoura to spend some days with my relatives.

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It was really fun to bond with my family, especially with my cousins that I only see during vacation. In my opinion, it was enough having fun and I must start preparing for the college applications. That is why I have begun to improve my English skills writing, speaking, reading and listening. Then started preparing for ACT test and searching for colleges. Although not all days during summer vacation was memorable, I told myself to enjoy because if the school year begins I cannot be able to do the thing that I usually do during summer vacation. The most unpleasing thing in the vacation was thinking about completing in school or not and I thank God that this period has passed peacefully. Finally, after 2 months of relaxing my mind and body from stress, I hope the coming year as a senior to be the best one.

As it is only 10 months that I am staying at school and after these months pass, my future will be determined and I leave the community that I have loved. I have tried to be mature enough to face all the problems and stress that I will experience in 10 months. I hope this year will be a magnificent chapter in my life story.


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