Superdelegates wanted to create (Jacobs, 2016). 15 percent

Superdelegates are party leaders and elected officials with automatic seats and have the right to attend their party’s national convention and support any of the candidates (Sidlow-Henschen 2018, pg. 202). In more depth, a superdelegate is either someone in these three categories, a major elected official, as well as senators and members of the House, current or previous president or vice president, and members of Democratic National Committee (Kaplan, 2016). Super-delegates are mostly democratic, the Republican National Committee do not have superdelegates.

Superdelegates are unbounded to candidates, they have the power to switch who they support right until nomination at the convention (Kaplan, 2016). Superdelegates do their best not to have a Republican in the White House. Superdelegates were created to lead, expected to choose the best candidate for the Democratic party, but they haven’t determined an election, they were close (Kaplan, 2016). Created in 1980’s to rewrite rules after the primaries of President Jimmy Carter and Massachusetts senator Ted Kennedy.

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Dramatic changes were done after the riot in 1968 (Jacobs, 2016). The creation of superdelegates was not about voter participation but the status in the party, that’s the type of delegates they wanted to create (Jacobs, 2016). 15 percent of the available delegates are superdelegates and unpledged. Though the only time they ever switch candidates is when the voters support a different candidate (Jacobs, 2016).


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